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Easter Island?

Industry views | 04 April 2016

Wicker basket of Easter eggs

So out with cuddly bunnies and brightly wrapped eggs, Easter calls for forward planning, flexibility and a broader view, to ensure that the service we provide our customers glides through the peak demand without a hiccup.

It’s not just chocolate deliveries, either. Over the Easter period, we have helped a major paint manufacturer shift 21,647 tins – tapping into the DIY desires of households up and down the country.

We aren’t just catering for our own requirements, we are competing with the demands of other users of logistics services – we need to plan ahead. As a partner to our customers, we provide a moral support team that juggles numerous factors to get the job done.

First, given the potentially unpredictable volumes of traffic on the roads at Easter, we make sure we have the flexibility and foresight to plan the most efficient route – in time and money – to ensure that goods arrive on time.

For this, we have technology on our side. Our state of the art in-cab communications system allows us to keep in touch with our drivers and make sure every possible mile of the road is well travelled, with a full load.

In addition, given that peak demand means an increase in stock, many of our clients will need extra warehouse space. We’ve found that it makes sense if that comes from their logistics supplier, integrating the supply chain in a way that any other option cannot.

Our understanding of our customers’ needs goes way beyond the truck that transports goods. We are experts in the transportation of retail and manufacturing products that range from consumer goods, defence and energy to paper and water.

We leave no stone unturned to cover a complete service with logistics at its heart, which means we need to innovate.

Fortunately, we are part of a forward thinking industry: according to Deloitte, by 2020, 70% of companies will use developments such as predictive analytics and wearable technology in their supply chains.

As far as the Easter bunny is concerned, however, nothing beats a good old fashioned garden egg hunt.

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