An important aspect of our approach to meeting our sustainability goals is to ensure our colleagues feel part of our sustainability and social value journey.

Across the UK, Wincanton is everywhere. With 20,300+ colleagues working from 160+ locations in the UK and Ireland, our size and scale gives us an incredible opportunity to build a stronger, more inclusive and more skilled community and society for the future.

Our purpose

With inclusion at heart, we are strengthening our strategic partnerships to enrich the communities we operate in, creating greater social value.


Our mission

‘By working together with our people, suppliers and customers, we’ll deliver 1 million hours of social value by 2025, enriching the communities that we operate in.’

Our four commitments

Looking after ourselves and others
Looking after ourselves and others

Our people are intrinsic to our success and we want to equip all colleagues with the tools, skills and knowledge to ensure they are happy, healthy and safe. Whether that be when they are working hard behind the wheel or at one of our warehouses, or at home with their family and friends, we value the mental and physical health of ourselves and others now and in the future. 

What we’re doing:

  • Creating a culture of care
  • Investing in wellbeing
  • Enhancing financial literacy

In 2022, three quarters of British adults said they were worried about the climate crisis. The same proportion said they had made lifestyle choices to help tackle climate change. 

This climate anxiety is driving a rise in mental health problems in all age groups. By equipping colleagues with the skills and providing the support they need to manage their mental health, we want our people to feel empowered to feel less anxious and take more action – both at work, and at home. 

Embedding an inclusive culture
Embedding an inclusive culture

Everyone has the right to come to work and feel like they belong. We’re committed to creating an even more inclusive workplace free from discrimination. We want to make sure everyone’s voices are heard equally and that no one is left behind because of their age, disability, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status or background. 

What we’re doing:

  • Creating flexible, inclusive and rewarding careers
  • Leading our industry in diversity and inclusion
  • Removing barriers to employment and creating equal opportunities

Flexible working has huge potential for helping us achieve our net-zero ambitions. From enabling hybrid and home working to empowering everyone to speak up, we are harnessing the power of 20,300 voices. That’s 20,300 potential suggestions for how we can reduce carbon, 20,300 people taking action both at home and at work. When everyone is included, everyone feels part of working toward our goals and part of celebrating our successes.

Enriching our communities
Enriching our communities

We have 20,300+ colleagues and 160+ locations, our work reaches communities in every corner of the UK and Ireland. With this reach, we have an enormous capacity to support and strengthen local communities, address inequalities and invest in our future workforce. 

With a committed workforce, we’re able to support community initiatives that make life better. For example, by going into schools and talking about road safety and the careers in UK logistics, we’re inspiring young people and protecting them and the future of our industry. 

In a time when money is tight for so many, we’re able to invest our time in the valued support that brings communities together, and with our extensive customer base covering most categories of goods and services, we can really make a difference in the communities that we operate it.

What we’re doing:

  • Empowering our colleagues to volunteer with community groups and charities
  • Making charitable donations of cash and goods
  • Supporting fundraising events at an individual, department and Wincanton wide level
  • Providing careers advice and talent development in schools and youth groups

When we’re working to enrich our communities, we put our money and our time where our priorities are. Net-zero is a non-negotiable, so we are able to direct our efforts and contributions to groups and projects that share our ambitions.

Strengthening Social Value partnerships
Strengthening Social Value partnerships

Our business is built on innovation and working in partnership to make ours, our customers and our suppliers’ businesses better every day. From harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and using new technology to reduce our environmental impact to investing in early careers and supporting local business, we are focussed on the future and working in partnership for greater Social Value impact.

What we’re doing:

  • Investing in apprenticeships and early careers
  • Innovating to tackle future challenges
  • Working with our suppliers and developing partnerships to deliver greater Social Value

The solutions to the climate crisis don’t all exist yet. We’re using our scale and reach alongside our established W² innovation programme to create the new technological solutions that business will rely on to drive down carbon use and achieve net-zero.

Alongside our social value work are our efforts on environmental sustainability and journey to net-zero and our commitment to good governance – transparent, thoughtful decision making that drives our business. As a crucial supply chain partner, we also proudly support our customers with their social value ambitions. From moving swiftly towards net-zero and creating a culture where everyone is valued to supporting local communities and innovating for excellence, our social value strategy is at the heart of how we work.