Wincanton works with some of the world’s most admired brands across industries such as retail, construction, grocery, eCommerce, infrastructure, energy and defence. Here are some testimonials and comments about the services and solutions Wincanton provides.

Rob Evans, Integration Manager, Site Operations

“Wincanton is a trusted, long-term partner supporting our vast and complex logistics needs. Throughout the construction of Hinkley Point C Wincanton has proved itself to be a supplier with expertise, experience and the ability to adapt to the changing needs of the project. It has also innovated every step of the way with industry-leading technologies that improve supply chain visibility, manage stock availability and monitor compliance to minimise our impact on the local communities.”

Shaun Elliott, Head of Logistics, Concrete Products

"We have witnessed Wincanton’s ability to deliver on major national contracts. We have also seen how its commitment to continuous improvement can generate material benefits across the business."

Chris Hall, Senior Director, Central Logistics

"We are delighted to extend our on-going and productive relationship with Wincanton. With collaboration in the supply chain more important than ever, we look forward to continuing to find new and innovative ways to add value for both organisations."

Mark Haslam, Head of Logistics
British Sugar.svg

“When selecting a commercial partner, it is crucial to know they are as committed to anticipating and meeting the needs of customers as we are. Wincanton has shown that it strives to match our own levels of excellence through the duration of our relationship to date, so we’re excited to continue to work together.”

Graeme Jenkins, CEO

"At Dobbies, we are focused on delivering the best possible customer experience, both in-store and online. Wincanton has a proven track record and we look forward to working in partnership with them."

Emma Long, Chief Operating Officer
Dwell Inspired Living.svg

"Making sure our customers receive the best experience when they shop with Dwell is a big part of why we’ve chosen to partner with Wincanton. Its ability to deliver great customer service and help us to better manage our costs will support our exciting ambitions for growth."

Paul North, Managing Director

"Our partnership with Wincanton is key to delivering our ambitious and exciting growth plans. Its highly professional approach, together with enormous flexibility, gives us the logistics capacity to handle the rapid growth in our business. The Wincanton team is now seamlessly embedded in our organisation and our customers will benefit through streamlined communications and timely deliveries."

Chris Kane, Supply Chain Operations Director

“Wincanton provides far more than simply a warehousing service; it supports us across the supply chain and really embrace the Lucozade Ribena Suntory culture. Its expertise, flexibility and commitment to reducing our impact on the environment are just some of the factors that make Wincanton our long-term logistics partner of choice.”

Paul Roper, Managing Director
Roper Rhodes.svg

"We selected Wincanton because, despite being a large organisation, it had an innate understanding of what a business like ours needed in the sector that we operate in. When it came to implementation we were impressed by the very significant resources it put behind the project – from project management through to IT platforms. The project has been a huge success and has transformed our business from one that has relied on pretty awful parcel carriers to 95% own fleet deliveries."

Rosemary Wilkins, Director of Logistics

"It’s great to work with a logistics partner which can draw upon its scale to mobilise quickly to support the changing requirements of the business.”

Louis Rose, Managing Director
Sofa Club.svg

"It is vital that Sofa Club has a logistics partner which shares our commitment to offering the best possible customer experience. I have been very impressed by Wincanton’s attention to detail and feel confident that we have a shared vision of the customer journey. Our customers’ expectations are understandably high but I’m confident Wincanton will empower us to exceed those expectations."

Waitrose & Partners Spokesperson
Waitrose and Partners.svg

"We have a long-standing relationship with Wincanton. Over the many years we have worked together, Wincanton has proven itself to be flexible and responsive in support of category growth. Its expertise on the area of Bonded storage is also essential and valued by Waitrose & Partners. We see Wincanton as a trusted provider that will help Waitrose to build on its position within the UK grocery market.”

Weetabix Food Company Spokesperson

“The culture and capability of the Wincanton business is a great fit for Weetabix Food Company. We are thrilled about this new partnership and the opportunity to further delight our consumers and retail customers.”

Dudley Holliday, Head of Kitchen and Bathroom Distribution

"This is a really exciting development in our partnership with Wincanton. The additional contract has been awarded following an already successful working relationship, which constantly strives to provide the best possible service for our Kitchen and Bathroom customers. As we draw on our learnings, I am confident that this is another step forward in delivering a great fulfilment offering."

Tony Thomson, UK Operations Director

“We chose Wincanton to ensure we have a partner that matches our ambition and has the capability of delivering our planned growth to the level of excellence our products demand.” 

John Champion, Director for Shared Services at Indirect Procurement Services

“We are pleased to continue our relationship with Wincanton and jointly take steps to ensure that we are looking holistically across our operations. This a great piece of collaboration between our two companies to align existing services under a single agreement, creating a foundation for delivering continuous improvement and efficiencies to the benefit of both parties.” 

Mark Shirley, Director of Logistics

“Wincanton has executed a seamless transition for Primark, delivering the best transport service our stores have experienced in years. Wincanton has been agile and easy to do business with as a UK&I based team.”