Unlock agility in your retail logistics

Our new survey results show that UK retailers’ growth aspirations are being held back by their ability to meet increased demand. Download the new insights paper to discover the solutions retail businesses are utilising to address these challenges. 


  1. The real challenges hindering retailers’ ability to meet consumer demand 
  2. The best solutions to reduce cost-to-serve in your fulfilment operations 
  3. How to solve or prevent labour shortages and skills gaps 
  4. The cost benefits of shared space and transport 
  5. How to gain from technology without the big investments 

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Powering agility in retail logistics

is a 17-page insights paper underpinned by our survey of 500+ individuals working in UK retail and eCommerce. The results shine a light on the challenges retailers tell us they face in their logistics operations, plus some of the solutions businesses are turning to – now and in the future – to address these challenges. 

Read more about the industry issues we uncovered, including:  

  • Over 8 in 10 retailers are planning for growth, but more say that increased volumes would impact ability to fulfil orders 
  • Labour shortages and lack of investment in innovation are seen as key hurdles 
  • 7 in 10 see managed shared warehouse space and transport network as potential solutions to problems 


Download your insight to retail logistics