Roper Rhodes required a supply chain partner that delivered to the same quality as its high-end product range.

In May 2019, Wincanton launched a dedicated UK-wide delivery service to home and trade retail stores for Roper Rhodes – one of the country’s leading independent suppliers of bathroom furniture and products.

Wincanton supports this with a dedicated fleet of vehicles and drivers based at Roper Rhodes’ 200,000 sq ft distribution centre in Portbury, near Bristol. Backed by four Wincanton outbases – Wigan, Hemel Hempstead, Sheffield and Cumbernauld – the solution deploys specially trained customer delivery drivers and cutting-edge technology to exceed customer expectations.

Enhancing the customer experience

Wincanton demonstrated to Roper Rhodes that it was closely aligned in values and approach to ensure customer experience matches the quality of the product range.

Contract management and planning teams for Wincanton are based at Portbury, working alongside the Roper Rhodes team, to provide operational synergies and seamless integration in an environment where problems can be addressed quickly. This synergy extends to Wincanton supplying and managing a dedicated fleet of Roper Rhodes-branded vehicles.

Roper Rhodes benefits from Wincanton’s effective training and development of dedicated delivery teams to provide the highest levels of customer service. A five-day onboarding programme for customer delivery drivers focuses on, among other areas, minimising the damage to goods during transport.

Real-time, real results

The partnership utilises the latest technology for the scheduling and optimisation of deliveries, including real-time delivery tracking with notifications for customers triggered by geo-fencing. This provides customers with a message when their order is 30 minutes from their address.

As well as this, co-pilot navigation software provides optimised routing and live route updates, while state-of-the-art telematics keep everyone safe and ensure that environmental impacts are minimised.

Since initiating the service, the Wincanton for Roper Rhodes partnership has achieved 99% on-time, in full deliveries and an 88% NPS (net promotor score). When compared to the previous service operated on behalf of Roper Rhodes, damage to goods in transit has dropped by 47%.

What the customer says

Utilising a synergy of cultures and the latest logistics technologies, Wincanton has achieved 99% on-time, in-full home and trade deliveries for its partner.

Paul Roper, Managing Director, Roper Rhodes, said:

"We selected Wincanton because, despite being a large organisation, they had an innate understanding of what a business like ours needed in the sector that we operate in. When it came to implementation, we were impressed by the very significant resources they put behind the project – from project management through to IT platforms. The project has been a huge success and has transformed our business from one that has relied on pretty awful parcel carriers to 95% own fleet deliveries."



on-time, in-full delivery results


NPS (net promoter score)


reduction in damage to goods during transport


fall in packaging costs


cost of resource reduction