Wincanton has been the official transport services partner for international fashion retailer Primark since 2022. In its first year, Wincanton executed the transition from a previous supplier seamlessly, ensuring Primark customers continued to experience high availability of products in-store.

In January 2022 Wincanton began its five-year transport services contract with Primark and in its first year made over 50,000 deliveries to 191 Primark stores across the UK.

About the Customer

With 191 stores and 7.6m ft² of retail space, the UK is the largest market for leading international fashion retailer Primark. It chose Wincanton to be its official transport services partner in the UK because our size and expertise matched the growing demand of its business and customers.

Everything Primark does is built around everyday affordability: from great quality essentials to standout style, trend setters to multi-generational families, everyone is welcome at Primark.

Primark’s sustainability strategy, Primark Cares, was launched in 2021 and has set a new vision for the business to reduce fashion waste, halve carbon emissions across its value chain and improve the lives of the people making Primark products. Primark is committed to changing how its clothes are made without changing its affordable prices, to make more sustainable fashion affordable for everyone. 

Perfect preparation

Wincanton understands the needs of Primark. As a globally renowned retailer with a high level of brand awareness and customer engagement, any issues in the execution of its supply chain could damage its reputation. A seamless transition to Wincanton was essential to operational success.

Our culture of strong governance was essential to the seamless transition of all transport services to Wincanton. Clear expectations were set with a culture of flagging risks, and working to mitigate those risks, maintaining integrity across the operation.

Realising operational efficiencies

Wincanton now manages a transport fleet of over 200 assets, based at Primark’s distribution centres in the Midlands. The fleet, which saw an electric HGV trial take place in the summer, includes natural gas-powered trucks and high capacity longer semi-trailers (LSTs) as we continue to improve the sustainability and efficiency of the supply chain for Primark.

Wincanton has utilised its shared user warehousing footprint to improve operational efficiencies for Primark. In creating three strategically located outbases we have rationalised routes, reducing stem milage and the overall footprint of the Primark transport network in the UK.

In the first year of operations, Wincanton conducted over 50,000 deliveries, achieving a 15.6% reduction in cost per carton. This achievement ensured Primark customers continued to benefit from high availability of products in-store.

Wincanton will continue to embed its innovative Winsight platform across Primark operations, improving accuracy and real-time visibility.

Making a good first impression

Making new colleagues feel welcome as part of the Wincanton family was vital to the successful execution of the transition.

As you only get one chance to make a first impression, a welcome event took place on the first day of Wincanton operations, which included pizza vans, ice-cream stalls and welcome packs for new colleagues. Senior operational management teams from both Wincanton and Primark were also present to provide guidance and reassurance.

Building on success

Wincanton’s transformative collaboration with Primark continues with a focus on route rationalisation, the addition of two further outbases to reduce stem mileage and an increase the use of LSTs across the network. 

What the customer says

Mark Shirley, Director of Logistics at Primark

“Wincanton has executed a seamless transition for Primark, delivering the best transport service our stores have experienced in years. Wincanton have been agile and easy to do business with as a UK and Ireland based team." 


deliveries made every year


transport assets for Primark managed and operated by Wincanton


colleagues successfully joined Wincanton from the previous logistics service provider


reduction in cost per carton for Primark, compared to the previous logistics service provider