Great people delivering sustainable supply chain value


Wincanton has started a journey of brand transformation to reflect the ambitions of sustainable growth for the business.   

Our brand gives us our reputation and, ultimately, a strong future – and it's not just about the logo. Wincanton’s heritage is as valuable as ever but, now we have proved we can operate in a more innovative and fast paced environment, it’s time to create a stellar brand that fits with our purpose.  

Great people delivering sustainable supply chain value

Wincanton provides more than just logistics. Through our purpose 'Great people delivering sustainable supply chain value', we aim to reinforce our position as an experienced and forward-thinking British supply chain partner, that truly adds value every step of the way. 

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Our new corporate video

Watch to join us on this journey.

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This is an exciting time for Wincanton.  Evolving our brand identity for now and the future, is another step in our growth ambitions to attract customers, investors and new colleagues, but also ensure we continue to be a key partner for some of Britain's biggest brands and public bodies.

James Wroath

Our logo

As a well-established and recognised brand in our sector, we wanted to develop our new logo to better reflect the business we are today, whilst retaining the strengths and heritage of the original mark. Our new logo is more modern and versatile, building on the strengths of the past and looks firmly to the future.

Our colour

Much like our new logo, our colour palette has been evolved and refined from Wincanton’s original branding to create a more modern feel for the brand. Wincanton’s dark blue is used predominantly with orange being used far more subtly than before.

Wincanton Indigo Blue
Wincanton Dark Blue
Wincanton Orange
Wincanton Mustard
Wincanton Light Blue

At the heart of British supply chain

Great people delivering sustainable supply chain value

Our typography

The introduction of a new primary typeface called Ubuntu has been used to create a stronger sense of personality for Wincanton’s high-end collateral. It’s unique characteristics and rounded style help strike the perfect balance between it feeling inviting to read yet professional and purposeful in its presentation. A secondary typeface called Trebuchet MS has been selected for all other material such as presentation templates and internal documents.

Our photography

Wincanton’s new photography style is focused on two key areas. Highly engaging, vibrant and close-up, the primary images are used to capture attention whilst highlighting sectors and services. Secondary images are focused on capturing people in action and helps to support Wincanton’s purpose ‘Great people delivering sustainable supply chain value’.