As we approach the end of a year like no other, it’s important to reflect on what has been a challenging period for people all across the UK.

Our Managing Director of Digital & eFulfilment, Paul Durkin, discusses why we all owe thanks to the #LogisticsHeroes helping to keep the country moving through the COVID-19 pandemic and why we should celebrate them going the extra mile.

Supply chains are a combination of infrastructure, organisation and technology. But without people carrying out vital actions and making critical decisions, they simply cannot function.

People at Wincanton

Until the COVID-19 pandemic struck, these clever operations went on smoothly, largely unnoticed by the majority of people. But as we head towards 2021, the appreciation we all have for the logistics professionals that helped to keep shelves stocked and delivered essential materials to support the country through an unprecedented year is at a level that reflects their importance.

From warehouse technicians and MHE operators managing storage, through to professional drivers and operatives completing deliveries across the country; supply chain professionals have been rightly celebrated as key workers at all stages of the pandemic.

People are at the centre of what Wincanton does every day. As a business, we always look to celebrate and recognise achievements, support professional and personal development, and provide a safe platform for every individual to thrive. This is so important to us that we made ‘People’ one of the key categories for our W2 Labs programme.

We have many reasons to be proud of our people and too many stories of their positive actions and achievements to fit onto one page. These stories range from blazing a trail for colleagues and future logistics professionals – as Hollie Ridley, who features in the below video, has – through to instances of recording landmark results for our customers – which has been the case for Wincanton’s Roper Rhodes team.

Working at Wincanton

Going the extra mile is something our Wincanton colleagues do all year round. This is why we celebrate them every year through our Extra Mile Awards. Open to all colleagues that support our Digital & eFulfilment operations, individuals are nominated based on acts of going the ‘extra mile’ and for notable achievements. I’m always astounded by the stories that come to light through this and am sure there will be many more when we celebrate again in early 2021.

There are many aspects of the past year that we’re glad to leave behind, but one we cannot forget is the important work logistics professionals have undertaken. Incidents of going the extra mile (and then some) have been plentiful and will continue as we move through COVID-19 and into the ‘new normal’.