Unlock opportunities within defence and industrial logistics

Wincanton is trusted within the global defence and industrial  sectors to deliver the materials they need to where they’re needed, safely and reliably.

 We have over 60 years’ experience in defence and industrial logistics, protecting the security of our UK borders and beyond.  As supply chain partner to some of the largest capital build projects in the UK today, we provide compliance and flexibility.

Defence and industrial logistics are complex. That’s why Wincanton logistics support is always tailored to your unique needs. Whether that’s an integrated end-to-end solution or an individual service.

We work with Ministry of Defence (MoD) logistics , global defence manufacturers and suppliers, and defence technology suppliers. Get in touch to discover the opportunities that lie within your supply chain.

Enabling defence with logistics. How to unlock opportunity from inbound to manufacturing.
More than 50% of all multi-billion-pound global defence programs are delivered through the supply chain.

Are you missing opportunities to prevent issues before they occur, upgrade your logistics, generate efficiencies and introduce innovations?

Our insights paper explores the opportunities that exist within defence logistics support. This includes inbound and outbound logistics, compliance, care and protection of materials (materials management), inventory control, digitalisation, and more.

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Our defence and industrial logistics expertise

What makes Wincanton the ideal supply chain partner for defence and industrial?

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Inbound to manufacturing

We are a respected logistics partner experienced in supporting manufacturers and suppliers, across defence and industrial, with the collection and delivery of goods globally.

At Wincanton, we use visibility and transparency to uncover opportunities within material flow. Our customers trust us to deliver materials to where they need to be — no matter the size, shape, complexity or location.

We offer insight and foresight, from management information and data, to optimise your manufacturing plans.

  • Fully compliant.
  • Global capability.
  • Strategic partnerships.
  • Efficient and reliable.
  • Underpinned by Operational Excellence.
Defence logistics compliance

Defence logistics compliance

Defence logistics plays an important role in national security. We ensure the people and organisations handling your goods are qualified, reliable and security compliant. With the added assurance of secure Information Technology (IT) and effective Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).

We comply with all regulations and defence compliance parameters involved with the control and movement of goods. This includes adherence to the UK Ministry of Defence and US Department of Defense logistics frameworks.

  • UK Export Law
  • UK Civil Air Authority (CAA) protection of cargo requirements
  • US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).
  • UK Specialist licencing, for example for explosives.
  • US Export Administration Regulations (EAR).
  • US Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)
Care and protection of materials

Care and protection of materials

We safeguard high value goods with optimal packaging and handling. This includes rigorous care and protection.

  • Lineside media: right materials to hand, where and when needed.
  • Bespoke packaging: designed to protect unique goods in transit.
  • Specialist capability: expert handling of hazardous substances, explosives and temperature sensitive items.
  • Environmental considerations: recyclable and sustainable components, materials returned to supply chain where possible.
  • Appropriate warehousing: high level security, temperature / humidity control, protective for fire and compliant to MoD standards.
Physical movement of assets internationally

Physical movement of assets internationally

We work across inbound, and the movement of goods through your supply chain, to optimise line feed and control of materials.

At Wincanton, our core competency is getting what your people need, to where they need it, at the right time. We bring efficiency, agility and surety with a Control Tower function to oversee the movement of goods on a national and international scale. Building flexibility and resilience into your supply chain to respond to change.

  • High value, high risk goods moved under regulatory control.
  • Multimodal, international transport across our trusted partner network.
  • Compliance assessed by the MoD and Lloyd’s Register.
  • Digital interface optimises available capacity and supports sustainability goals.

Defence and industrial logistics  support

We pride ourselves on the strength of our partnerships. With almost 100 years of experience at the heart of British business, we know what it takes to be a valued supply chain partner. We take everything we have learned from the past and apply it to making our partners stronger for the future.

Wincanton is a UK public limited company (PLC) listed on the London Stock Exchange. We’re invested in the future of the defence sector that contributes to national security and adds billions to the UK economy.

As a major UK employer, we also invest in our colleagues, developing the skills base and building the prospects of the people and communities we work with.

Discover the Wincanton Way: our code of conduct

Our ESG policy is part of the Wincanton Way — our code of conduct. We’ve made tangible and real commitments to safeguard:

  • Our planet: By designing sustainability into proposed solutions. For example, alternative fuels, renewable energy, reducing emissions, electrification, planning efficiencies, packaging, and waste. 
  • People & communities: Through an inclusive culture, providing employment opportunities, and maintaining strong partnerships with armed forces charities. Our commitment to the armed forces is recognised with a Silver Armed Forces Military Covenant.
  • Good governance: With transparent reporting and board accountability that supports continuous improvement to deliver on our ESG principles.

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At Wincanton, continuous improvement is embedded in our culture. We use the consistent systems, processes, controls, and principles needed to capitalise on the latest technology and innovation.

An integrated approach to Operational Excellence is part of the way we work. Visibility of information underpins everything we do, and good practice takes place across the digital and physical space. It’s a virtuous circle that includes investing in our colleagues at all levels.

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We offer through life support — or Maintenance and Repair of Assets (MRO) — as a service to existing and new customers. This involves the transportation of the correct parts needed to maintain high value assets, often over many decades and across multiple geographies.

Our MRO service extends the life of valuable assets and keeps them running efficiently. Maximising availability and preventing potential problems. 

  • Faulty parts transported back to manufacturing facility.
  • Parts repaired or, when beyond repair, replacement located.
  • Parts shipped back to wherever they are needed.

Our defence logistics team

Derek Stirling.jpg
Derek Stirling

Operations Director for Defence and Industrial

Derek is an experienced operational leader with over 25 years working for large corporates.

David Marshall.jpg
David Marshall

General Manager – Defence and Industrial Operations

David served for 28 years in the logistics branch of the British Army. He has seen operational service and delivered training and mentoring for services personnel.

Rodrick Overfield.jpg
Rick Overfield

Group Head of Operational Compliance

Rick has over 17 years’ experience with Wincanton, working within the logistics industry across all areas, from fuel, alcohols and milk to rail and infrastructure.

Lindsay Ashton.jpg
Lindsay Ashton

Key Account Manager, Defence

Lindsay is an Everywoman in Transport and Logistics Award winner with over 15 years’ experience in logistics across supermarkets, food and dairy, as well as defence and industrial

Damion F.jpg
Damion Ferguson

General Manager, Account and Service Management, Defence and Industrial

Damion joined Wincanton in 2016, bringing a wealth of experience from over 25

years in defence, aerospace and logistics. During his career, he has worked

closely with some of the UK’s largest prime defence businesses.

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