Wincanton has the experience and expertise to support the complex and high-volume supply chain needs of healthcare providers. Our flexibility and agility ensure our customers can focus on their patients, as we take care of the end-to-end solution, leveraging our capabilities and innovation.


Driven by the need for greater end-to-end visibility, as well as the control and regulatory compliance, Wincanton has the expertise and processes to support healthcare providers with their specialist needs. We serve multiple routes to market – including retail stores; NHS trusts and other healthcare providers; GPs; and patients’ homes – delivering sustainable supply chain solutions and great brand experience.

Wincanton has a 25-year history providing high-quality warehousing and added value services for the world's largest healthcare company including deliveries to over 1,000 individual locations, across contact lens solutions, cataract and refractive equipment.

We are also a chosen supplier to the UK Government. In 2020, in just 7 days Wincanton supported the Department of Health and Social Care by developing a rapid response COVID-19 kitting operation from design to implementation, assembling and distributing 29,000 kits to schools by the end of the school year. 1bn COVID-19 testing kits have since been dispatched, as audited by the National Audit Office.


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Healthcare providers and businesses require a trusted partner to develop national and global supply chains. Wincanton has a strong track record in many business critical services, including temperature-controlled storage, handling and distribution, two-person white glove home delivery, fleet and transport, packaging and bulk reworking and customs clearance for leading UK brands with global presence.   

Wincanton is recognised for its operational, compliance and safety excellence and this is at the centre of everything we do.  By working collaboratively, our experts are a natural extension of our customer's business, creating a full understanding of the challenges and aligning our capabilities to the brand’s objectives. 

Our customers trust us to ensure product availability, visibility, quality and compliancy assurance, to give you the competitive edge by adding value throughout the supply chain. 


two per-person home deliveries with 80+ NPS score


final mile delivery drivers


COVID-19 testing kits dispatched


COVID-19 Kits stored


COVID-19 testing kits delivered every week


PPE/COVID-19 testing units delivered to schools in 3 weeks (summer 2021)

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