By collaborating with long-standing partner, Asda; utilising the latest digital fulfilment technologies; and building on our long track record of running complex supply chains for our customers across the country, Wincanton created a supply chain to store 324 million COVID mass testing kits and deliver up to 22 million kits-per-week for the UK Government in just 20 days.

On 3rd November 2020 Wincanton was awarded a contract by the UK Government to support the nation’s programme of mass testing for COVID-19.

Wincanton is a supplier on the Crown Commercial Service Logistics and Warehousing framework.  This is the first agreement of its kind and has been created specifically for central government and wider public sector organisations.

Rapid response

By the 23rd November, the business had received the first inbound goods for storage and sent the first outbound goods on 30th November.

Under the terms of the contract, Wincanton provides storage, order fulfilment and customer delivery of COVID-19 mass testing kits to priority locations. These include schools, universities and testing sites across the UK.  

Collaboration to help the nation

By partnering with Asda, one of Wincanton’s valued and long-standing customers, we demonstrated the operational benefits that can be delivered through close collaboration.

To deliver the COVID testing kit supply chain for the UK Government, the two repurposed part of a Wincanton-operated distribution centre. This made use of existing infrastructure and excess capacity at the site.  

Digital backbone

Wincanton’s services to the Government are underpinned by its digital fulfilment capabilities; including its carrier management services, which ensures the most efficient route to market.

A complementary warehouse management system was introduced alongside existing solutions at Asda. Wincanton implemented temperature monitoring on site in-line with the requirements of the product and a full RF (radio frequency) network was delivered at pace to support the entirety of the operation.

Transforming UK public infrastructure

The successful implementation of operations for the mass testing programme has seen Wincanton expand the scope of services it provides to the UK Government. This includes the provision of storage and distribution of PPE from Wincanton sites at Hams Hall and Greenford.

Wincanton is also supporting the creation of a ‘mega lab’ in Leamington Spa for the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), which provides capacity for 300,000 daily COVID-19 tests as well as significant boost diagnostic capabilities critical illness including cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases in the UK.


COVID-19 test kits stored


COVID-19 test kits distributed every week


days between contract being signed to first in-bound goods received


days between contract signed to first out-bound goods despatched for delivery