Unlock opportunities within infrastructure logistics

Wincanton has a 100-year track record of getting what you need (people, equipment, or materials) to the right place, at the right time, safely and in the right condition,  with each stage fully visible and traceable digitally. Our vast network of 160 sites and 20,000 employees, makes Wincanton a partner and logistics pioneer of choice for businesses across the UK and Ireland.

We thread efficiency, safety, and innovation into the fabric of every project and share best practices across the widest spectrum of sectors, bringing best in class ideas from grocery, defence, construction, consumer and FMCG markets and applying them to infrastructure.

Our experience with complex infrastructure projects allows us to tailor solutions to your unique requirements. We take a holistic approach and target efficiency considering mitigation, compliance, cost-optimisation, and technology integration. We demonstrate agility to supply chain and / or market changes for seamless project execution and delivery, underpinned with the flexibility to embed our support in any phase of a project.

Enabling defence with logistics. How to unlock opportunity from inbound to manufacturing.

Are you missing opportunities to prevent issues before they occur, upgrade your logistics processes, generate efficiency, and introduce innovation?

Discover how to apply the retail logistics model to achieve construction excellence.

Construction professionals will gain valuable insights into how techniques and technologies from the retail sector can provide solutions to the myriad of challenges and opportunities faced in many infrastructure projects.

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Our infrastructure logistics expertise 

Successful infrastructure logistics depends on a blend of close collaboration, the flexibility to adapt, and embracing modern ideas.

What makes Wincanton your ideal partner for the infrastructure industry?


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Integrated supply chain

With real-time tracking and reporting, Wincanton’s Supply Chain Integrator (WSCI) optimises supply chain networks to deliver economic, social, and environmental value for our customers.


  • Supply chain predictability: End-to-end visibility of storage, transportation, delivery of materials to worksites, and more, making complex supply chains transparent.

  • Material availability and environmental impact: Tracks shipment from supplier to point of use, efficiently managing carbon impact while coordinating suppliers.

  • Risk reduction and on-time delivery: Mitigates project delays and overspending by providing real-time visibility, while enhancing productivity, and preventing penalties.

  • Reporting: Visual display of all project data, providing critical information at a glance. Includes live status for detailed investigations and end-to-end reporting.



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Innovation and automation

Our frameworks for Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement drive innovation, enhance safety, and maximise efficiency across all infrastructure project phases.


  • Cross-sector inspiration: We draw from extensive experience across a range of sectors, bringing in best practices to address the specific challenges of infrastructure logistics. 

  • Technology integration: Seamlessly incorporating advanced technologies to streamline operations and improve decision-making capabilities. 

  • Environmental responsibility: Complying with strict environmental regulations and promoting sustainable practices, to reduce our carbon footprint. 

  • Data-driven decision making: Through the analysis of extensive data, we optimise processes and meet evolving market demands. 

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Robust safety leadership and risk management

To keep our colleagues, customers, and stakeholders safe, and to meet and exceed regulatory standards, minimise delays, and optimise project outcomes, we build comprehensive plans.

  • We drive a culture that empowers colleagues, customers, and stakeholders to take personal pride and responsibility in creating safe processes, behaviours and working environments.

  • Our people do the right thing when no one is watching.

  • We conduct security vulnerability assessments operating up to a List N standard for our sites.

  • We’re vigilant in identifying potentially counterfeit, fraudulent, and suspect items entering the supply chain.

  • We believe everyone who goes to work must go home safe at night, in as good (or better) a condition as when they arrived.


Infrastructure logistics support 

We pride ourselves on the strength of our partnerships. With almost 100 years of experience at the heart of British business, we know what it takes to be a valued supply chain partner. We take everything we have learned from the past and apply it to making our partners stronger for the future.

Wincanton is a UK public limited company (PLC). As a major UK employer, we invest in our employees, developing the skills base and building the prospects of the individuals and communities we work with.

Discover the Wincanton Way

Wincanton is a team of seasoned logistics specialists that brings extensive expertise to every project. With our long heritage, we offer you a tried and tested approach that adapts to rapid changes in technology, materials, and environmental regulations. From customs clearance and freight forwarding to packaging, industrial relations, compliance, and heavy lifting, our large team of 20,000 people — across 160 sites — will streamline and support any project.


Continuous improvement is embedded in our long-term culture. With the consistent systems, processes, controls, and principles needed to capitalise on the latest technology and innovation.

At Wincanton, this integrated approach to Operational Excellence is part of the way we work. Visibility of information underpins everything we do, and good practice takes place across the digital and physical space. Including investing in our employees at all levels.


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Our ESG policy is part of the Wincanton Way — our code of conduct. 


  • Our planet: We’re dedicated to minimising our carbon footprint and environmental impact across all aspects of our operations, as well as supporting optimised efficiency with all our projects to reduce the need for additional transportation. In this way we help our major infrastructure customers be good neighbours.

  • People & communities: We actively engage with communities near project sites, which includes accessing local logistics services wherever possible, and investing in apprenticeships to ensure social legacy through the upskilling of local people.

  • Diversity: Our procurement policies promote collaboration with small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMES’s), local employers and minority owned businesses.



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