Wincanton is a supply chain partner of choice for suppliers, manufacturing partners and distributors to non-food retailers across Britain and Ireland. With hundreds of factors influencing the quality, availability and cost of your products, a robust and agile supply chain solution that minimises risk and provides a foundation for future growth is essential. By providing dedicated and shared storage, distribution and labour solutions, Wincanton manages complexity every day ensuring a seamless end-to-end customer experience.

Manufacturers and distributors

As a supplier, manufacturer or distributor of products for non-food retail, a responsive supply chain is an essential component of your route to market. In store, on-shelf availability is crucial in order to meet seasonal demand and promotional activities while in the trade any downtime is damaging to the timely delivery of projects and services. Fail to address these issues and they can spiral, damaging your brand, reputation and bottom line.

We’re the partner of choice for some of the biggest names in the market, including B&Q, Screwfix, Wilko, Husqvarna and Kelkay, managing transport, warehousing and fulfilment for omnichannel suppliers and retailers alike. Our emphasis on customer care, operational excellence and reliability allows you to focus on innovating new products, engaging with customers and staying ahead in the market.

Wincanton works with suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors to unlock supply chain synergies with retailers. We provide fully flexible transport services, incorporating dedicated fleets and our nationwide shared network, unlocking operational efficiencies and ensuring your supply chain runs effectively. And in a fluctuating, demand-driven market, we leverage our scale to provide warehousing, automation and labour capacity when you need it. This agile decision making ensures you can continue to provide the exceptional levels of service your customers expect.

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