People have always been at the centre of the supply chain industry.

From warehouse technicians and MHE operators managing storage in warehouses, through to professional drivers and operatives completing deliveries across the planet; people keep it all going.

Even though technology has supported the expansion of the services we all use and brought new possibilities, everything relies on the experience and expertise of logisticians.

One thing the COVID-19 pandemic has made us realise is that we’re all reliant on #LogisticsHeroes to keep the country moving. Rightly recognised and celebrated as key workers throughout the most challenging weeks and months of 2020, supply chain professionals kept shelves stocked and services running to provide us with the items we all needed.

Keeping our people safe and providing the platform they need to thrive every day is important to us at Wincanton. Whether this is through pioneering virtual reality training that places staff in simulated dangerous scenarios, platforms that provide every individual with up-to-date communications and benefits, or behind-the-scenes technology that makes every day working processes more efficient for everyone involved, Wincanton is always exploring new ways of working through W2.

The W2 Labs ‘People’ category

Wincanton employs 19,100 people across over 200 sites and is looking for solutions to help its people become the best they can be.

It wants ideas and solutions that create a positive culture of recognition and make everyone feel truly valued, while at the same time keeping all safe at work and connected to the wider Wincanton team.

"People keep supply chains moving. We’ve all come to realise through 2020 that there’s an awful lot of work that goes into keeping shelves full, products available and all of the amenities we use accessible.

"Because people are so important, providing the right environment and working culture is essential. Through W2 Labs, we want to bring new ways of working and fresh ideas that make every day at work as safe, efficient and rewarding as possible." Sally Austin - Chief People Officer, Wincanton

Alongside ‘Dark Store’, ‘People’ is an important category in this year’s W2 Labs programme. If you’re a start-up or innovator with ideas that could benefit Wincanton and the wider supply chain industry, let us know.




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