The sharing economy is a cornerstone of a more circular society. From renting a neighbour’s power tools, to hiring out our homes when we go on holiday, making use of the things other people aren’t using is a growing trend. But how can we harness that on an industrial scale?

Agility is increasingly a core requirement of modern businesses. The ability to adapt to changing market conditions, increase capacity for peak periods and scale down in quieter times is crucial for a healthy business balance sheet.
oneVASTwarehouse seeks to provide sustainability within the warehousing supply chain by responding to challenges and providing proactive solutions. 

The challenge

In the logistics industry, the challenge is around capacity; storage capacity, transport capacity and workforce capacity.

Most warehouses will experience periods of excess space for various reasons and will need to plan and adapt accordingly.

Take the pre-Christmas period, for example. Retailers need to be able to move product lines quickly to keep up with customer demand, but typically their store rooms and supply chains are geared towards “business as usual” rather than peak periods.

What if it was possible to flex your available storage, connect with buyers of space with requirements that you can facilitate and thereby help you to reach full capacity and maximum return on your space? That’s exactly what the oneVASTwarehouse project sought to enable.

The solution

Powered by Wincanton and born out of our W² innovation programme, oneVASTwarehouse connects buyers and sellers of warehousing space in the UK.

We connect businesses requiring additional warehousing services with space that meets their requirements across the country.

Originally, the idea was to offer virtual access to storage and transport for buyers and sellers of warehouse space. Buyers would reserve or book space and transact online with little to no human interaction.

As we developed the concept, it became clear that more human interaction was needed. The nature of the deals and high transaction value meant clients didn’t feel comfortable relying on a fully virtual service.

Instead, we introduced an account manager for each deal and human interaction from contact to contract.

Since adapting the initial business model, oneVASTwarehouse has become part of our core business offer.

We have built an extensive network of more than 700 warehousing partners and hold data on both buying and selling opportunities. This enables us to meet the needs of anyone looking for any kind of storage capacity.

We can be flexible on length of storage (short, medium or long term), and type of storage. We offer different levels of security, including for the defence sector, and are able to meet unplanned and seasonal demand with flexible access times and full-service capacity.

Particular successes have included: 

  • Securing a large government tender for more than 30,000 pallets 
  • Helping one of our large blue chip companies secure space in less than a week, managing the whole process from initial contact, to site visit, to pallet inbound
  • Facilitating a major cross dock requirement for a large European consumer retailer.

Not only does oneVASTwarehouse solve a client problem, it also promotes sustainability, making use of existing unused space rather than building new.

What our clients say

Adam Ridgers (Warehouse Manager) AMS Distribution Ltd

Seller—“AMS started working with the oneVASTwarehouse team in April 2021. Our single point of contact in their sales team has built trust, rapport and a great working relationship. We have been able to realise a revenue stream for what would otherwise have been unfulfilled racking space, helping us grow our business in these difficult economic times.”

Irene Hollie - Site Director RS Components

Buyer— “We have been delighted at how quickly and efficiently the oneVASTwarehouse team works and in liaising with all parties in securing the agreement."