On Thursday we hosted our first ever Innovation Day. The theme was “Transforming Logistics” – also the title of Wincanton’s latest thought leadership work.

We welcomed over 140 customerscolleagues, partners and industry professionals to CodeNode in central London for a day of presentations, panel discussion and debate about some of the most exciting technologies currently disrupting the market.

Central to the day was an update and series of demonstrations from five start-ups working with Wincanton as part of the W2 Labs programme.  This year’s cohort presented their achievements through the ten-week incubation period of the programme, highlighting the possibilities for development going forward.

e-Bot7, Milvus Robotics, iFollow, Value Chain Lab and Soter Analytics all demonstrated the progress they’ve made to that point, ahead of further discussions around working collaboratively with Wincanton in the long-term.

Away from the W2 Labs programmes, the themes of our recently published “Transforming Logistics: A Leader’s Guide” formed the backbone of the wider discussion of the day. Author of the guide, Asif Noorani, spoke about the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the need to converge new technologies to improve visibility and sustainability in the supply chain. 

James Osborn, Head of Commercial Strategy for Tu clothing at Sainsbury's, rounded off the event. He spoke about the challenges the fashion retail industry is facing and how to overcome these in an era in which change is happening at a greater rate than ever before. The Q&A session with James drew a huge number of probing questions, and brought the day to an appropriate end.

Innovation Day wasn’t necessarily an attempt to answer all the questions, but it did succeed in starting some essential and thought provoking conversations.


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