Picking or changing your job is a hard decision.

We spend a lifetime working, so doing something we’re good at and enjoy is important.

There are many options out there, and one you might not have considered is professional LGV (large goods vehicle) driving. As a career path, there are many positive aspects to life on the road.

A closer look will show you that being a professional lorry driver could be the best route for you.

1) Earn a good salary straight away

Earnings are typically based on your skill level and experience, but a highly experienced Class 1 LGV driver can expect a salary of £35,000 - £40,000-per-year. This is some way above the average UK salary, and wages can often be topped up with overtime work.

It’s a good career path to consider as a young person, too. LGV drivers typically earn a salary in the region of £18,500 - £22,000 in their first year of driving. When you consider the average UK university graduate can expect a starting salary of around £21,000, this option is all the more attractive, especially as it comes without student debt.

2) A job with a future

Being an LGV driver is not a defined career path; there are many options open to you.

With the right training, you could become a specialist driver in your chosen area. For example, you could work as a professionally qualified aviation fuel tanker driver, delivering to airports nationwide; or specialise in driving vehicles of 7.5 tonnes and larger. There’s even the option to combine driving with assembly and customer service skills to work as a delivery technician, delivering and installing furniture and other goods in customers’ homes.

3) Make a difference

Working as a delivery driver means you’ll be a key part of big things. By delivering food to major retailers, collecting milk from dairies, taking fuel to forecourts, or getting raw materials to construction sites, you’ll be a vital part of major projects.

Here’s a great story from Wincanton’s Scott O’Loughlin about the importance of helping to get water to festivals.

4) Use the skills you already have

Being a driver is about more than getting parcels or materials from point A to point B. Skills from other job types, such as retail or construction, can really help you in being successful as a driver.

If you have worked in a customer-focused role, you could use your experience with people to have a real positive impact on customers by upselling products or making repairs on the spot. You’ll have the opportunity to talk to customers and make them happy.

Lee Broadhurst from our dedicated two-person home delivery team spoke to The Sun about switching from a career as a self-employed builder to being a professional lorry driver with Wincanton.

5) Variety in your work

No two days are the same. You’ll get the chance to travel across the country, meet a broad range of people and experience a different way of working. 

6) It’s more flexible than you might think

Whether you enjoy a life working on the road or need more flexibility in your everyday life, there are many options available. You could work full-time or part-time hours, and shift work allows you to adapt your schedule. In some cases, there are also options to be self-employed, giving you even more flexibility and choices about your working hours.

The benefits of working for Wincanton…

Wincanton employs more than 5,000 drivers from across the UK. There are many benefits to joining our dedicated and skilled workforce, including:

  • Essential DCPC Training
  • Newly Qualified Divers considered *
  • Professional Driver Programme
  • Comprehensive induction programme
  • Paid Holiday Entitlement
  • Store Discount Cards *
  • Pension Scheme
  • Childcare Vouchers
  • Subsidised canteens *
  • Subsidised gym memberships *
  • £500 for recommending a lorry driver friend and your friend also gets £250!

* Dependent on role and contract.




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