Wincanton is the official warehouse and transport service partner for the construction of EDF’s Hinkley Point C nuclear power station, working in partnership since 2018.

A project of the scale of Hinkley Point C impacts on the local community, and Wincanton takes responsibility for minimising local disturbance and creating maximum local benefit very seriously. 

Being a good neighbour

Wincanton has played a pivotal role in the coordination of traffic flows for Hinkley Point C, using a bespoke system which monitors and manages compliance to the project’s Development Consent Orders (DCO).

  • The current Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) limit is 500 vehicle movements per day with a vehicle movement defined as a one-way journey. 
  • An HGV travelling from a freight management facility to the Hinkley Point C site constitutes a single vehicle movement. The HGV return journey from site would then count as another vehicle movement.
  • HGV deliveries are not permitted on the local highway network between the hours of 22:00 and 07:00 (Monday to Saturday), other than in exceptional circumstances agreed with the Somerset authorities. 
  • HGVs on the local highway network on Sundays or on public holidays are not permitted.

Compliance is achieved through the bespoke Delivery Management Solution (DMS) platform Wincanton developed especially for EDF, blending routing and scheduling technology; a cloud-based warehouse management system and active transmission equipment.

Compliance through innovation

DMS uses smartphone devices as GPS trackers, capturing data automatically as the driver passes predetermined way points as well as at 30 second intervals, allowing for the accurate tracking of HGVs on route.

Wincanton monitors the journey in real-time and the process requires no interaction with the driver, as all that is required is the device being carried in the vehicle for the duration of the journey.

Wincanton uses the information provided by the DMS to make quick and decisive decisions. For example, if a road is closed Wincanton can use tracking data to quickly identify all HGVs delayed while a compliant alternative route is identified.

The DMS also allows Wincanton to identify the length of time vehicles are held, an estimated queue length and how quickly the queue formed, so deliveries can be conducted to site with minimal disruption to operations and local communities. 

A trusted, long-term partner

Wincanton is a trusted, long-term partner to EDF, supporting the vast and complex logistics needs of Hinkley Point C. Discover more about how Wincanton has delivered operational, innovative, and people-centric solutions for the Hinkley Point C supply chain.


limit to number of HGV movements conducted per day to Hinkley Point C


number of hours (Monday to Saturday) where HGV movements are not permitted


seconds between data capture to ensure accurate tracking on all HGV routes