With supply chains across the UK stretched, securing overflow storage is important for a variety of businesses.

We explore how collaborative platforms like oneVASTwarehouse.comare connecting buyers and sellers of warehouse space.

Storage space has always been a vital link in every supply chain. As goods make their long journeys from source to consumer, they can travel thousands of miles across borders stopping numerous times during their trip.


The world is in the midst of unprecedented circumstances as the COVID-19 pandemic alters the way we live and work. Supply chains are being stretched as essential businesses adapt their operations to support the country and ensure the vital services and products we’ve come to rely on continue to function.

Grocery retailers and consumer goods businesses have seen huge surges in demand. With lockdown rules in place, consumer behaviour has changed; no longer can we dine out at restaurants or browse stores on the high street.

While businesses operating in these sectors have experienced upsurges in demand, at the other end of the scale some are reducing activity with non-essential services taking a back seat. These businesses are now faced with the problem of storing unsold stock and making sure they have enough in place ready to take advantage of future changes.

With the storage space needed, collaboration is the solution to ease the burden on many supply chains. Plenty of storage facilities have underused or temporarily available space, which could be used by those in need of overflow capacity.

oneVASTwarehouse is the platform to facilitate this collaboration. By bringing the two parties together to directly advertise available space to those that need it, it can open up the resources needed at the necessary speed to keep pace with the drastic changes we’re all experiencing.

Thousands of prospective buyers use the platform every month, viewing facilities listed by providers across the UK; many of which are in storage hotspots, such as inside the M25 circle and around the Midlands.

As a flexible, on-demand option, different types of space can be booked for short-to-medium periods of time. Many available facilities feature racking, chilled and ambient storage, through to yard space, with many providing additional 3PL wraparound services such as ‘pick and pack’, UK-wide transport and inbound container processing.

Many businesses experiencing increased demand are operating at near 100% warehouse capacity, so the ability to flex up to provide increased volumes at a time they’re needed offers real benefits, without the long-term risk of extensive arrangements.

There’s also the option to select storage space in the area it’s most needed. With 390 storage sites currently available on oneVASTwarehouse, the platform’s reach spans the country, which allows buyers to find what they need, where they need it. This is especially useful for supporting regional and national distribution centres.

We all find ourselves in a unique situation. By working together and forming mutually beneficial relationships, businesses can continue to provide the services we all need and ensure we’re in the best possible position to return to normal as soon as is safely possible.


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