From San Jose, California, Cloudleaf is looking to enable better business outcomes in real time across supply chains, operations and planning. Its software aims to increase continuous visibility and intelligence of goods in transit and storage, maximising operational time and safety on-site.

After reaching the final four of Sprint Three of Wincanton’s 2021 W2 Labs programme, Rick Kelley - Vice President of Sales at Cloudleaf, told us more about the business…


What is your product and what are the problems it solves?

Cloudleaf is a digital visibility platform with an Internet of Things (IoT) approach. We ensure our customers have the right real-time information to gain visibility of inventory, products, shipments, and orders to manage excursions and delivery expectations.

Our platform also provides the ability to better manage conditional information like temperature, humidity, pressure, stabilisation, consumption, and location-based tracking. With this level of visibility, we allow our customers to provide better working capital and support digital excellence programmes

Why did you apply to be a part of W2 Labs?

By participating in the programme, we’ll have the ability to continue to validate and enhance our solutions globally within the construction industry.

Participating in the programme will allow all parties to prove the effectiveness of the solution and how it can be a mutually beneficial value proposition for all parties with a proven platform partner.

What do you see as the key benefits of collaboration between start-ups and large companies like Wincanton?

Wincanton is a leader in the supply chain industry, which allows Cloudleaf the opportunity to prove our use case.

We have partnered with other leaders within their industries to prove this. These include Ericsson, Thermo-Fischer, Csafe, GE Appliances, and Cold Chain Technologies.

Where do you see your business in five years’ time?

We see Cloudleaf being an industry leader with many proven use cases across many industries.

We want a global reach to help our customers continue to provide value to their shareholders.

What does it mean to you to secure a place on the programme?

The programme allows both organisations to prove the use case and gain what we call ‘pre-implementation’ learnings.

By having Wincanton’s suppliers and partners participation, we can ensure we have success for a longer-term user case and solution.




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