Ian Keilty from Wincanton comments on the House of Lords report, ‘Brexit: road, rail and maritime transport’

Ian Keilty, Managing Director of Retail and Consumer at Wincanton, the largest British third party logistics company, comments on the publication this month of the House of Lords report, ‘Brexit: road, rail and maritime transport’:

"We welcomed the opportunity to contribute to the House of Lords consultation and this week’s report highlights the potential implications of Brexit for UK-EU surface transport under a new UK-EU trading relationship. In our role as leading player in the UK logistics industry, we felt it was vital to enter the debate on how Brexit, in whatever form it takes, will affect areas such as road haulage and regulatory alignment for UK transport.

"As part of the consultation, Wincanton outlined three areas it felt needed serious consideration by government and the wider industry: border management and port congestion; driver and vehicle licensing, recommending a review of the modules and content of the EU’s driver CPC training, to ensure that it is relevant to UK road users; and the standardisation and availability of vehicle spare parts. We also believe Brexit presents an opportunity for the UK to lead the industry in setting global standards for new low-carbon and automated vehicles due to an absence of legacy restrictions from the EU in manufacturing and operation.

"Given the unprecedented levels of uncertainty around Brexit over the past 18 months in particular, Wincanton has witnessed customers demanding more flexibility and making short-term tactical investments such as stock, raw materials and packaging, rather than long term investments in space and automation. As a result, Wincanton is working with its retail, consumer and infrastructure customers to take advantage of the opportunities, as well as manage the risks, associated with Brexit and we look forward to the debate to follow the publishing of the House of Lords report."


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