Automation and robotics have been hot topics in the supply chain industry for some time.

The benefits of this technology are clear for businesses and logistics professionals alike, but the investment to upgrade existing infrastructure has been a challenge.

BionicHIVE, a start-up from Israel, has a potential solution in the shape of its SqUID technology. That’s why the business was shortlisted in the ‘Dark Store’ category for 2021’s W2 Labs programme, which will see it trial and refine its product within Wincanton’s UK-wide operation.

We spoke to Ilan Reingold from BionicHIVE to find out more about SqUID and how it can improve warehouse processes...


Tell us about BionicHIVE and what your product offers?

Many existing Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) warehouse automation solutions do not solve the essential warehouse problems of space inefficiency, form factor variance, capacity volatility and labour dependency; and cannot be implemented by most warehouses, as they require dedicated space, intensive implementation effort and significant CAPEX.

BionicHIVE enables seamless and affordable adoption of warehouse automation, without requiring any changes to existing warehouse infrastructure. We offer a service-based model, reducing the warehouses OPEX. BionicHIVE is the only robotic fleet to retrofit automation on existing warehouse infrastructure with minimal change and minimal downtime, co-operating with existing operations and offering automation as a service.

Our robotic fleet operates in any warehouse, on any rack and shelf, handling any box, and is flexible to handle any item.

Why did you apply to be a part of W2 Labs?

We applied to be part of W2 Labs as we believe that there is a good potential fit between BionicHIVE's solution and Wincanton's needs.

What do you see as the key benefits of collaboration between start-ups and large companies like Wincanton?

The key benefits we see are the opportunity to scale once the solution is proven. It’s an opportunity to prove our solution within Wincanton.

Where do you see your business in five years’ time?

In five years' time, we will be one of the top warehouse and supply chain automation solution providers.




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