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White Wincanton lorry

We provide a distribution service for all liquid and powder products, non-food and food grade including milk and water, bulk and packed dangerous goods.

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Wincanton is one of the UK and Ireland’s largest and most diverse tanker operators. Having started out transporting milk in 1925 we now maintain a fleet of over 700 tankers.


Tanker equipment and innovation

We currently have 250 trained drivers to handle food products, 230 bulk food grade tankers, 60 powder tankers, 500 ADR tankers, 450+ ADR trained drivers and manage over 700,000 bulk deliveries each year.

Wincanton continues to innovate in this market to reduce environmental impact and has introduced aerodynamic tankers into our petroleum fleet, increasing fuel efficiency by 5%. To further aid sustainability our vehicles are fitted with telemetry allowing us to manage and improve fuel consumption.


Transporting bulk liquids, gases, petroleum and food ingredients

Each year, Wincanton transports enough fuel to fill 133 million family cars, enough LPG to heat over 3,000 family homes for a lifetime and about 1.76 billion pints of milk . Our bulk tanker services provide solutions for customers across many sectors, from petroleum to food manufacturers, farmers to utility companies. And we deliver to a diverse range of places including farms, hospitals, petrol stations, holiday cottage, building yards and industrial and manufacturing locations.


Water tankers

We have access to a range of equipment to support the provision of alternative drinking water including static tanks with 1,000 to 28,000 litre capacity. With a history spanning 20 years, we have been providing water solutions across many business sectors. Our focus on water provision using tankers that have experience of running food grade products, allow us to give you a guarantee of delivering you potable water, in bulk. In particular, our water service supply tankers are able to transport UK wide.


Health and safety leadership

Health and safety is our top priority which is why we have a dedicated health and safety team, with customer-specific training. This is supported by our fully qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors (DGSA) and fleet engineering service. Wincanton also carries out regular internal audits, to ensure that our standards meet industry regulations. We also have long term relationships with the leading industry suppliers of hazardous goods, demonstrating our commitment to delivering the best service standards in this crucial sector.


Dangerous goods storage

Wincanton has extensive experience in the storage of hazardous goods, both bulk and packed goods, all under Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) regulations. We provide secure storage solutions on both a dedicated and shared user basis, offering value added services to help our customers reduce costs while supporting them with expert knowledge to ensure they deliver their supply chain goals.

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Related markets


Tanker distribution for petroleum, mainline and aviation fuel, gases, lubricants, LPG, crude oil and bitumen.


Wincanton has vast experience in the design, implementation and management of supply chain solutions for the construction and building sectors.

Why choose Wincanton?

Put simply, our ambition is to be recognised as the best in our chosen markets, with a reputation for delivering service excellence and value to our customers every day. Through our experience, we know that every logistics solution is different. We work closely with our customers to understand their markets so that we can tailor solutions that fit their specific requirements and suit their brand.

People transition

Wincanton has gained considerable expertise of transferring multiple sites across complex geographies and built excellent relationships with a number of trade unions. We use a tried and tested approach to TUPE, which ensures colleagues are transferred with respect and integrity, supported by an open communication process.


Wincanton has a culture of generating innovative ideas and then turning them into operational reality through a structured but pragmatic change management process. Wincanton have centre of excellences for supply chain services including: consultancy and advisory, solution design and change management.

Continuous improvement

Wincanton is committed to continually improving our processes and methods to ensure we deliver the best possible service to our customers. Our internal suite of tools creates a consistent approach across the business, from self-assessment databases and balanced scorecards, through to employee survey results and safety culture assessments, with all results immediately available in order to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

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