An accelerated shift away from stores to eCommerce means manufacturers are adopting new strategies to protect business and better meet fluctuating demands. A direct-to-consumer offer with world-class supply chain capabilities right down to the last mile is essential.

Consumer-driven needs and behavioural shifts have generated a rapid and ongoing shock to many supply chains since the start of COVID-19 disruptions. This shift, which may have taken a decade in normal circumstances, has created structural change in many supply chains and affected traditional business processes – many permanently. 

Where consumers ordinarily went to a local retailer, many transactions have shifted online or are being made directly from the manufacturer or supplier. As a result, innovation is required throughout the supply chain to reach the consumer. Manufacturers are building new direct-to-consumer solutions to better match supply and demand, increase real-time responsiveness, and enable world-class execution capabilities right down to the last mile.

Wincanton’s direct-to-consumer (D2C) fulfilment service delivers products direct from manufacturer to consumers’ front doors, comprising receipt, store, pick, co-pack or repack, customisation and despatch to delivery, all through our automated eCommerce cloud-based warehouse management systems (WMS). On-site operations are simplified through a collaborative shared warehouse network, providing the flexibility to meet increased volumes or peeks whilst optimising cash flows by minimising the need for capital investment. 

Technology manages real time communications with consumers and provides full KPI visibility from order fulfilment and product management to parcel collection, customer services and delivery, all coming together in a seamless end-to-end customer experience.