Wincanton’s extensive property management capabilities ensure that you have the right property, in the right location, and it is ready for any supply chain challenge the future may bring.

Selecting and utilising the right commercial property is integral to supply chain resilience. Location is vital in servicing customer expectations for immediacy, while operational flexibility is essential in meeting future inventory requirements. Addressing both successfully instils resilience and future-proofs organisations for future growth.

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Wincanton manages 8 million sq ft of space that is equipped to respond to the challenges of future warehousing needs. This means that we’re getting the best out of that space, acquiring new space to the right specification and in the right location and spearheading the discussion around repurposing of alternative space

We tailor our operations and warehouse sourcing to suit the customer’s requirement. Whether this means finding a new unit or utilising our large existing portfolio, Wincanton will always ensure that we can support through our strong property network. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt and respond quickly to support both our new and existing customers.

At Wincanton we understand that warehousing needs to be where the customer is. Expectations for immediacy, especially but not exclusively online, means that more efficient logistics networks are being developed rapidly. Those networks are only efficient if the property is in the right location to service the customer.

Our property solutions also address the need for flexibility when it comes to warehouse design. Supply chain resilience is linked to the ability to flex across the life of the occupation of a warehouse. From addressing the loading capacity via mezzanine installation to adapting the building for automation Wincanton will source the right property to ensure your supply chain is resilient for any challenges the future may bring.

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