Mechanical offload transportation from Wincanton utilises dedicated and shared user national fleet capabilities, alongside the very latest loading and unloading technologies, to meet customer needs as efficiently, effectively and safely as possible.

Wincanton operates the UK’s only fleet of UK's only national shared-user network of mechanical offload vehicles, incorporating a range of other specialist equipment including Hiab cranes and Moffett truck mounted forklifts. With a fleet of over 200 mechanical off-load vehicles, the largest in the UK, we work with our customers to drive operational improvements across their supply chain.

Our national shared user network of mechanical offload vehicles and specialist equipment enables us to provide an adaptable and scalable service. The benefit of a shared user network is its responsiveness to fluctuations in demand throughout the supply chain, meaning we can focus on meeting all agreed costs, service and performance criteria. 

We also offer customers a dedicated fleet where necessary and appropriate. We have done so successfully for pitched roofing specialist Marley Ltd since 2008, delivering concrete and clay tiles and fittings, accessories and timber battens, and for Tarmac delivering building blocks across Great Britain.

Across our fleet, safety is our number one priority, which is why we utilise the latest loading and unloading technologies as well as advanced safety features. World class safety features keep mechanical offload operators safe and in control, minimising risk to individuals or the environment.

This commitment to safety extends across our 45-depot network, which covers the length and breadth of the UK. We promote and maintain the highest standards of safety and health for all employees and anyone who may be affected by our mechanical offload activities. A robust health and safety management system is focused on employing a systematic best practice approach to improvement, ensuring that safety is at the heart of our customers’ commercial success.


Wincanton operates the largest fleet of mechanical off load vehicles in the UK


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