A fully managed transport service to unlock cost, productivity and sustainability benefits.

Our flagship digital transport control tower product, EyeQ, combines market-leading technologies to deliver a single platform for outsourced transport management. Built to enable and facilitate data-led transport strategies, EyeQ unlocks cost, productivity, and sustainability benefits in order for your business to deliver more, and combat the common challenges being felt across the industry.

Recognising your industry challenges
Cost & visibility

Costs are increasing. And these costs are hard to manage due to poor visibility of operational activity and spend, only heightened by a fragmented sub-contraction marketplace. 


Commitments to reducing CO2 emissions are at risk due to lack of vehicle utilisation and empty running.


Recruiting HGV drivers continues to be a battle amongst an ongoing labour shortage, and vehicles are proving harder to acquire due to long lead times on new purchases.

Market demand and resilience

A challenging economic landscape, increasing customer expectations and changing consumer behaviours are creating a landscape that require resilience to be at the forefront of any transport solution.  


Providing a solution to combat today’s industry challenges

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The benefits of EyeQ

EyeQ directly addresses the challenges being faced today by providing:

•    Improved supply chain visibility 
•    Improved resilience
•    Improved efficiency and service
•    Reduced supply chain costs
•    Reduced carbon emissions
•    Reduced administration times

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How does EyeQ make a difference? 

Utilising our technology, people and processes, EyeQ makes a difference, helping to reduce your costs and CO2 emissions by up to 12%.

Fully managed by Wincanton, our solution drives efficiency and optimisation for your transport operations, maximising value and operational visibility whilst utilising data and insight to drive continuous improvement. 

Our EyeQ modules have been designed to support the full width of your transport operations and include the following:

•    Order management
•    Planning & optimisation
•    Driver & fleet management
•    EyeQ transport community– sub-contractor procurement and management
•    EyeQ marketplace 
•    Route execution & visibility
•    Data & reporting 

Interested in learning more? 

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