Unique or unconventional products might demand bespoke solutions, which are sufficiently sophisticated and flexible to accommodate short notice requirements, and swift transportation through challenging situations.

We understand that high value products and potentially fragile components need maximum protection from possible damage. Wincanton applies innovation and excellence to the design and manufacture of highly specialised packaging solutions to meet even the most complex industry packaging requirements.    

Specialised Packaging Experts

Wincanton designs, manufactures and supplies specialised protective packaging for the safe transit of equipment into the harshest of environments.  Whether you need to transport a single item or you are looking for a total support package we can provide a large range of packaging services to ensure both physical and environmental protection of your equipment regardless of size, shape or location. 

We have the capability to: 

  • to support the complete packaging cycle from design to re-use, reducing the cost of damaged goods and re-work 
  • improve presentations through innovative product design for protection, reusability and cubic efficiency  
  • ensure a compliant solution - MPAS accredited and DEF-STANS compliant for defence packaging solutions 
  • optimise packaging solutions using kit presentation for product packaging, transit media, home delivery packs or similar 
  • provide storage and bespoke material handling solutions. 


We select the best possible materials and can source a variety of alternatives to match specific needs, as well as providing bespoke material handling solutions. 

  • Manufacturing of timber protective packaging products 
  • Bespoke carton manufacture  
  • CNC Foam Mould Design & Manufacture for bespoke protective elements  
  • Corrugated Board design & bespoke manufacture 
  • Specialised metal & plastic containers 
  • Commercial & MoD (SPIS) standard onsite & offsite packing team 
  • Refurbishment team capable of refurbishing wooden & metal containers 
  • Specialist equipment relocations 
  • Section 5 warehousing & storage 
  • Lineside kit presentation 
  • High quality shadow trays for tooling 
  • Storage density media - driving up the use of the cube 
  • Environmental protection in storage and transit 

We are committed to using sustainable or re-usable materials where possible to reduce environmental impact.


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Examples of our Specialised Packaging Solutions

Specialised Packaging Example 25
Specialised Packaging Example 25
Specialised Packaging Example 25
Specialised Packaging Example 2
Specialised Packaging Example 25
Specialised Packaging Example 25
Specialised Packaging Example 16
Specialised Packaging Example 20
Specialised Packaging Example 25


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