Wincanton’s supply chain transformation services de-risk digitalisation, allowing organisations to adapt their business models to succeed.

Supply chains are transforming: be it responding to seismic global events or shifts in consumer behaviour driven by eCommerce, organisations are having to react quicker than ever before adapting business models and changing the way they operate.

In order to be responsive organisations are having to address supply chain challenges on multiple fronts. For some it means replacing manual tasks with automated, digital processes, while for others it means introducing robotics to transform productivity. It is a complex market, with an expanding ecosystem of technology vendors and service providers, where time and investment can quickly be lost if you don’t have the skills to maximise your returns.

At Wincanton innovation is at the heart of what we do. For almost 100 years we’ve been managing supply chains for some of the biggest brands, organisations and public infrastructure projects in the UK, transforming the way they do business. From an industry-leading Materials Management System, managing the inbound flow of product for the construction of Hinkley Point C nuclear power station and reducing build times, to our Winsight system, maximising the customer delivery experience for bathroom retailer Roper Rhodes, we are transforming organisations digitally.

We are not just delivering bespoke digital supply chain solutions; we’re engaging with start-ups and early-stage businesses that bring new ideas and products that improve processes across the supply chain industry to Wincanton. Our W2 labs programme, now in its fourth year, is fundamental to Wincanton’s in-house drive for innovation and reducing the complexity within your supply chain.