With experience and proven credentials in customs and duty management, Wincanton optimises your HMRC processes. Through duty suspended customs and excise warehousing, border clearance support and specialist site operation, all underpinned by our full Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status, we keep your cross-border supply chains moving securely.

Managing the movement of goods in and out of the UK is essential in an increasingly global economy. Modern supply chains that support all operations – from major infrastructure projects and on-site maintenance, through to retail and grocery sales – rely on the seamless movement of goods, with even minor delays creating serious challenges.

Wincanton has vast experience and proven credentials in supporting these international supply chains to ensure goods arrive on time and in full and that they are stored in line with all HMRC guidelines and protocols.

Our expertise extends beyond the movement and storage of goods. As an official logistics services provider to HMRC, we manage inland border clearance facilities on their behalf. These sites, created and operated by Wincanton’s supply chain experts, support air and sea freight inspections.

Our wide-reaching expertise ensures that your operation meets duty requirements. By managing and facilitating the following processes, we guarantee complete compliance with duty/VAT requirements and tangible cash flow benefits.

  • Payment of the correct excise duty at the appropriate time to provide certainty and conformity around product tariff classification.
  • Movement and export of duty-suspended goods – our customs warehousing removes the requirement to pay duty at port, enabling you to re-export goods without multiple payments.
  • UK duty stamp management, including application and removal/obliteration.
  • Securing permission for the destruction of duty-suspended goods and arranging the destruction.
  • Duty refund applications – such as duty drawback claims if goods have been destroyed with their duty paid.
  • Facilitation of inspections and audits by HMRC – we allow safe access to approve duty-suspended stock.

Our operations are backed up by our HMRC Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) accreditation. This ensures your supply chain is secure. We are also HMRC audited and approved, giving you peace of mind that our systems and procedures are compliant with all customs and excise regulations.

Due to these accreditations – and our consistent high-quality, secure approach – HMRC has officially identified Wincanton as a low-risk business. This means we are subject to minimal stopping and searching at UK borders, delivering time and assurance benefits for our partners.

Reduce supply chain delays

Avoid risk of non-compliance and potential for costly penalties