With storage space vital for retailers and manufacturers, maximising every sq ft of capacity is essential. oneVASTwarehouse.com exists to unlock underutilised space across the UK by linking buyers and sellers of warehousing and yard storage in a simple-to-use online marketplace.

Availability and flexibility are vital for all businesses that rely on storage space. The ability to both scale up to meet peaks in demand or reduce the overall size of your network in periods of reduced activity is essential to mitigate risk.

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Traditionally many businesses operated their own dedicated facilities, but in an eCommerce-driven and unpredictable economy, this solution is not always suitable. That’s why we created oneVASTwarehouse.com, an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of warehouse space across the UK.

Our platform allows companies that need on-demand access to storage to find it quickly, and gives warehouse owners the opportunity to advertise underutilised space to generate new income streams. This truly collaborative solution can maximise every sq ft of storage space across country, unlocking vital capacity while maximising resource usage.

oneVASTwarehouse (Virtual Access to Storage and Transport) is a 46m+ sq ft network of storage space that brings together the fundamental solutions that businesses need. 

Buyers can: 

  • Quickly locate the ambient, chilled, frozen or yard space they need in suitable locations
  • Organise transportation through Wincanton’s 3,500-strong specialist vehicle fleet
  • Purchase specialist supply chain services, such as pick-and-pack

Sellers can:

  • Generate new revenue streams from underutilised space, both now and in the future
  • Register multiple facilities for free
  • Manage all invoicing and payments through the platform quickly and easily

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