Wincanton’s Winsight brings together a suite of technologies, enabling the intelligent and agile decision making required to create a safe and sustainable transport network.

Ensuring goods reach customers at the right time, in the right place and in the right condition is an operational challenge for any organisation. Factor in the requirements for compliance, sustainability and efficiency and the challenge becomes a reputational risk that requires extensive investment.

Developed by Wincanton, Winsight brings together a suite of technologies which include planning and optimisation; fleet management and compliance; telematics and fleet safety; and cloud-based point of delivery capture and data analysis. This single platform manages all transportation activity across the supply chain, ensuring goods are delivered seamlessly – to the highest service standards.

Delivering accurate, real-time visibility on the location and utilisation of every single truck and trailer across a wide transport network, Winsight optimises delivery routes, driving value and reducing waste, ensuring a sustainable transport offering. Data feeds into predictive modelling to allow intelligent and agile decision making. This continuous improvement ensures that customers benefit from Wincanton’s ongoing development of market-leading digital supply chain technologies.

Bringing powerful technologies together into a single platform means Winsight provides a flexible, agile and scalable platform for growth across a multitude of markets, and for organisations with different operational needs.

The Wincanton for Roper Rhodes team, delivering high-end bathroom products and fittings to trade customers, has pioneered the use of Winsight utilising its functionality to improve the customer experience. Providing photographic evidence of deliveries; a co-pilot function to schedule routes based on weight and height; generate an accurate ETA and use geofencing technology to email customers directly to inform them about their deliveries.