Flexible shared user storage, handling and stock management from Wincanton is a cost-effective way to manage growth, seasonal peaks and rapid changes in business conditions.

Knowing what stock an organisation has, where it is and how to move it efficiently is the backbone of a successful supply chain. Get it wrong and you are sat on inventory, accruing cost on your balance sheets, and damaging your reputation by failing to deliver a satisfactory customer experience. Get it right and it optimises profitability, fulfilling your customers’ needs.

Wincanton’s shared user storage, handling and stock management services stem from our network of over 30 strategically located, shared user warehouses across the UK, all offering fully flexible and cost-effective storage solutions. All our shared user sites provide a range of services including storage, picking, co-packing and access to our shared user and dedicated transport networks.

Efficient storage requires flexibility across the short, medium or long term, enabling organisations to manage seasonal fluctuations or rapid changes in business conditions. We provide pay-as-you-go storage, flexibly priced square foot or per pallet, from a minimum of 1,500 pallets, alongside separate pricing structures for handling and management.

Wincanton also provides a wide array of value-added handling services to meet a variety of operational needs. These include wet and dry bonded storage and duty management, co-packing, reworking, and regional consolidation.

Our stock management service allows organisations to increase their speed to market while minimising upfront investment. Wincanton customers benefit from a WMS specifically designed for use in our shared user sites delivering tailored inventory management, item tracking and performance reporting, removing the burden and costs of a large-scale system implementation.

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