The modern retail and manufacturing supply chain is a challenging mix of traditional values and digital innovation. A response to this rapidly changing and complex environment is required; automation holds one of the keys.

Warehouse property costs are rising and there is increased workplace regulation and a high demand for warehouse labour, all of which combine to put pressure on supply chain costs.


Consumers expect to be able to look at, touch and feel an item in store, compare prices among various retailers online, order it and have it delivered to a location of choice at a time that’s convenient to them.

This consumer behaviour is driving demand for flexible and agile supply chain solutions in this challenging retail environment. With the huge (ever increasing) growth of eFulfilment the need for fast turnaround in the warehouse to manage deliveries and returns value recovery has never been greater.

The prospect of automation can prompt concerns about the costs involved and assurances that it will deliver the ROI you need. You may have concerns about how to select the best technology and how it might integrate with or even replace your current operations. It may also be challenging to maintain service levels while you fully test and implement an automation solution. 

The first step is to fully understand the objectives of an automated solution and the desired benefits. Our experienced team of automated specialists are skilled in helping customers understand the full potential of automated solutions and help them evaluate the best options, then smoothly support through planning, design and implementation.