The shopper of 2021 is going online for groceries, so new opportunities exist for retailers that embrace the shift. Wincanton’s established expertise in premium home delivery and grocery customer fulfilment centres positions us to offer efficient solutions that match the in-store experience and optimise cost to serve.

The modern consumer is digitally enabled, willing to shop around for value and expects a convenient eCommerce experience. While home delivery has long been associated with consumer goods, the grocery industry has experienced the online boom, creating new opportunities for forward-thinking retailers.

With vast experienced in premium home delivery, grocery supply chains and customer fulfilment centres – or ‘dark stores’ – Wincanton is ideally placed to revolutionise your business’ capability.

Whether alongside a dedicated facility or as an addition to a functioning store or distribution centre, our grocery home delivery solutions provide thousands of additional delivery slots to service high-volume, densely populated areas.

With a focus on innovation and making the supply chain as environmentally sustainable as possible, we offer a range of solutions that make the process as green as possible. From electric vehicles – which we already operate with major UK partners – through to alternative fuels and optimised load management and route planning, we’re relentless when it comes to efficiency.

Wincanton is the leading UK 3PL in this area. Its Waitrose Customer Fulfilment Centre in West London was the first facility operated by a supply chain specialist on behalf of a major grocer in Britain.