Network design and optimisation from Wincanton builds resilience into your organisation, maintaining business continuity and meeting customer needs.

Supply chains can be large, complex and costly. If executed inefficiently customers will not receive high levels of customer service at the best possible price, which can be damaging for brands. Furthermore, poor design and low levels of optimisation leave organisations susceptible to risk.

Wincanton understands the benefits a well-designed and highly optimised supply chain can bring, and we execute supply chains efficiently across markets as diverse as defence and milk. Our customers benefit from robust supply chains that are responsive and flexible; from transport to warehousing, procurement strategy consultation to packaging management, we optimise every aspect of your supply chain.

We take a methodical approach to supply chain network design and optimisation, determining the optimal combination of facility size and location, material flow management and inbound and outbound transport to enable a demand-focused supply chain aligned with your business needs. This deliberate approach avoids the ad-hoc growth experience which creates the complexity and cost that hold organisations back or can help quickly realise a return on investment when consolidating distribution networks after a merger or acquisition.

Wincanton also understands that supply chains need resilience to meet the challenges of the 21st century. In designing a supply chain, we can perform contingency planning, planning for unexpected events, demonstrating the impact on costs and service levels and delivering business continuity.