Construction is one of the most complicated and challenging business environments, mega-project infrastructure even more so. WSCI makes even the most complex supply chains visible and transparent, through tracking and reporting. A true game changer that ensures major projects are completed on-time and to budget.

Imagine a visionary system that offers total control over the supply chain on an end-to-end basis? From supplier to point of use? Every link instantly visible, identifiable, and controllable.

A tool which tracks each item, offering at-a-glance analysis across the scale of a mega-project. But with real, granular detail. An optimisation tool providing supply chain visibility and traceability that can dramatically reduce both risk and cost. Wincanton has that system.

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At Wincanton, we understand what it takes to successfully deliver complex projects – from EDF Hinkley Point C to Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier

Every aspect – whether it be the scale and complexity of the supply chain, its fragmented multi-national nature, materials control and visibility, or the challenge of (OTIF) on-time in full delivery impacting productivity and the environment – all demand a forensic eye for detail. A system to provide assurance and traceability for every single supply-chain component and immediately understand how each one relates to your wider strategic goals exists. We call it Winsight Supply Chain Integrator, or WSCI. 

WSCI makes the complex simple, ensuring major infrastructure and capital projects are completed on-time and on-budget – with total, real-time visibility of materials and coordination of suppliers. Significantly reducing downtime, removing inefficiency, and, above all, enhancing engineering productivity.

It introduces supply chain predictability to storage, transportation, consolidation, kitting and delivery of materials to any worksite in the world. Making even the most complex supply chain visible and transparent, through tracking, and reporting.

Linked to the original purchase order, WSCI tracks your shipment compliance from supplier to the point of use. By doing so, optimising the material availability to the engineers in the field. The system makes engineering teams more productive, worksites safer and reduces environmental impact. As well as delivering cost reduction by reducing waste and damage, it reduces project risk - ensuring major infrastructure projects are completed on-time and to budget.

Originally a bespoke system, built for the construction of EDF Energy’s twenty-three-billion-pound Hinkley Point C nuclear power station, it provides visionary supply-chain control, to enhance programme delivery.

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