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Wincanton shows commitment to construction excellence for Hinkley Point C project

Press releases | 11 October 2018


Wincanton, the largest British logistics provider, has joined other major suppliers to sign the MEH Alliance Charter at EDF Energy’s Hinkley Point C nuclear power station project. The Charter was signed by companies involved in the Mechanical, Electrical and HVAC phase of the project to demonstrate commitment to construction excellence. 

Wincanton is an official warehouse and transport service partner for the megaproject. Through the construction process, it will provide storage, handling, asset tracking and transportation for incoming materials from a range of suppliers.

Chris Fenton, Managing Director, Industrial & Transport at Wincanton said:

“The construction of Hinkley Point C is a vast and complex project. A collaborative approach by suppliers is essential and the signature of this Charter recognises our commitment to work together and to strive for excellence.”

The Charter outlines safety, quality, time and cost as the key commitments for the Hinkley Point C project.

Stuart Crooks, Managing Director of Hinkley Point C said,

“The MEH Alliance and the signing of this Charter is a major example of innovation at Hinkley Point C and puts the interests of the project above those of any individual contractor. That co-ordination is good for contractors and pools skills and expertise for everyone’s benefit. It also boosts UK industrial capacity and presents an opportunity to create jobs and skills for the UK”

The construction process will create 25,000 new job opportunities. Hinkley Point C will eventually provide 7% of the UK’s electricity.



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