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Wincanton marks 10 years of Carbon Trust Standard certification

Press releases | 18 September 2018


Wincanton, the largest British logistics company, has successfully achieved the Carbon Trust Standard for the 10th consecutive year.

The Carbon Trust Standard is the world’s leading independent certification of an organisation’s impact on the environment, specifically its contribution to global warming and climate change through its fuel and energy use and associated greenhouse gas (CO2e) emissions.

The latest Standard was awarded on the basis of a 5.3% absolute reduction in carbon footprint at Wincanton over the certification period. This was achieved despite revenue growth of almost 5% during 2017-18.

Steve Tainton, Head of CSR at Wincanton explains,

"This achievement is the result of our commitment as a business to deliver ‘a safe and sustainable environment for all’. We have implemented a consistent and growing programme of measures across the business to reduce impact on the environment.

"We have invested in a fleet of vehicles, where 98% meet Euro V and VI standards for exhaust emissions of NOx and other pollutants, with fuel efficiency features such as adaptive cruise control and enhanced aerodynamics. Extensive use of telematics, driver training and development means our people know how to get the most miles to each tank of fuel. We are the first and only 3PL to introduce a small fleet of 7.5t electric vehicles for home delivery and are conducting trials of biodiesel and natural gas vehicles as part of our exploration of alternative fuels.

"Within our properties, we have completed extensive upgrades to LED lighting and we purchase only green tariff, REGO backed renewable electricity for our UK mainland operations.

"Importantly, each and every contract we run is covered by a sustainability plan that includes energy and fuel reduction projects.

"We are incredibly proud to have consistently achieved 10 years of Carbon Trust Standard certification and as a business, are committed to building on this.

For further information on Wincanton’s sustainability strategy, visit www.wincanton.co.uk/about/sustainability.


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