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Wincanton invests in vehicle expansion to support growth

Wincanton, the largest British logistics company, has ordered 100 new vehicles from Mercedes-Benz to support the logistics firm’s expansion plans. The investment reflects Wincanton’s continued focus on innovation to support its growth with potential for future orders of a similar nature.

Press releases | 19 January 2017

Wincanton vehicle in yard

The new Actros tractor units are fitted with the manufacturer’s latest safety systems that provide enhanced protection for vulnerable road users. For example, the units are fitted with Active Brake Assist 4 (ABA4) which has the ability to recognise when a pedestrian steps out into the vehicle’s path from behind a parked car and automatically applies the brakes.

Carl Hanson, Group Fleet Director at Wincanton said:

“Maintaining the highest levels of safety is a top priority for us and for our customers and these vehicles are ahead of the game when it comes to safety, making use of the latest technology to make the roads safer for all users.”

The new vehicles, due to enter service from February, also feature Proximity Control Assist which when used in conjunction with cruise control automatically maintains a pre-set distance from the vehicle in front. This system reduces the risk of rear-end shunts and promotes more comfortable and efficient driving in heavy traffic.

Hanson added:

“We are focused on adding value and delivering industry-leading service. These innovative new vehicles ensure our customers have access to the most efficient and effective technology to enable the implementation of safe, sustainable supply chains. These newer vehicles not only include advanced safety features but, as sustainability remains a key consideration for us, they will also help us reduce carbon emissions from our fleet.”

Working across the UK and Ireland, Wincanton has close partnerships with customers across all business sectors and operates a diverse and growing fleet of more than 3,400 vehicles including mechanical off loaders, mixers and bulk tankers as well as general haulage vehicles.


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