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Going above and beyond in life-threatening situations

Industry views | 13 October 2017


By Chris Fenton, MD Industrial & Transport

This year we introduced a special recognition category at our annual Driver of the Year awards. Through the course of their day-to-day working lives, these drivers have come to the aid of members of the public and their communities to provide assistance which has saved lives. We felt it was important to highlight these individuals and their selfless acts and Driver of the Year provided the perfect opportunity for us to do just that in front of their peers.

Driving along a dual carriageway just before midnight, Paul Rowley saw what he thought to be a body on the side of the road. Due to his high level of concern, Paul turned around at the next available opportunity and a pulled over alongside a parked car. As he approached he saw there was movement and immediately called the emergency services. With assistance from the operator Paul was able to provide life-saving assistance and comfort to an individual who had suffered a stroke.

In March this year, after finishing his last delivery at around 8am, Stefan Buckley was shutting the back of his trailer when he heard a scream. Investigating the area, he suspected the scream had come from, Stefan found a woman lying face down in the road which a severe leg wound. Using his first aid knowledge, Stefan was able to help slow the bleeding as others who had come to the woman’s aid called for the emergency services. Talking to the woman to keep her conscious he found out the woman was, at the time, 16 weeks pregnant. Stefan’s actions undoubtedly saved the lives of both the injured woman and her unborn child.

Jeff Whitworth, assisted a police officer trying to make an arrest. Jeff was driving down a dual carriageway when he noticed a car that had been stopped and a police officer struggling to keep hold of an individual. The police officer shouted for assistance and Jeff came to his aid. With his help, the police officer was able to restrain the individual and complete the arrest.

As a business we are extremely proud of these three drivers and the actions they took to help their communities. We want to recognise these individuals and their acts of heroism and for reflecting the values we promote as a company.

Throughout our training we try to instil these values in our teams so we can rely on each other and demonstrate our willingness to help others. Fortunately, the stories above are not every day occurrences, however Jeff, Paul and Stefan are great examples of the different ways in which we serve our communities.