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Virtual warehousing: The future of storage for your business

Comment | 14 November 2019


Flexibility, visibility and pace are all important factors in the modern, digitised supply chain.

As an industry, logistics has long been driven by existing processes and previous relationships; but with the advances in technology and the convergence of these systems, the landscape is changing.

This is particularly noticeable in warehousing. The process of businesses coming together to collaborate within shared-user sites is not a new phenomenon, but it has not always facilitated the speed to market needed to take advantage of fluctuations in demand.

Now, though, the ‘virtual warehouse’ is becoming a viable option. The virtual warehouse is unlike previous storage options, in that it gives businesses the option to tap into a whole network of space; picking and choosing what they need, when they need it.

This flexibility reduces the element of risk for SMEs looking to expand into new regions or product lines, and also gives larger businesses the opportunity to complement their pre-existing storage volume with on-demand, additional capacity.

Platforms such as oneVASTwarehouse.com also give those with underutilised space the power to generate a new revenue stream. By using the platform, they can market their spare space directly to those that need it, optimising their owned facilities.

Virtual warehousing is collaborative, agile and scalable. It could be the future of storage for your business, as our free-to-download guide explains…

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