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On-demand warehousing: helping SMEs take advantage of opportunities

Comment | 26 February 2020


Flexibility is important for all businesses, but for SMEs it’s essential. Being able to respond to peaks in demand and consumer trends is vital, and having a robust logistics plan in place facilitates this.

Traditionally, to secure the right storage options businesses have needed to commit to long-term leases. This is particularly risky for SMEs, as having capital tied up in this area leaves less for everyday business.

On-demand warehousing has grown to respond to this, with online platforms like oneVASTwarehouse.com offering the sort of storage options SMEs need. To see how your business can benefit from on-demand warehousing, you can read ‘on-demand warehousing: helping SMEs take advantage of opportunities’.

Read 'on-demand warehousing: helping SMEs take advantage of opportunities'

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