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Ensuring a safe workplace


Ensuring a safe workplace

Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our people.

We use Lost Time Incident Frequency Rate (LTIFR) to measure our safety performance. Our LTIFR for the year is tracked weekly and we are pleased with our reduced rate of 0.51. We are working continuously to improve it.  In addition, we also use other metrics to give us a broader and deeper insight into safety, such as days lost ratio and employer liability claims. Again, these are tracked weekly and reviewed regularly to identify areas where we can do better.

Among our driver population, we’ve again delivered many schemes to promote safety, both of our own employees and the public. For example, we track and monitor driving records, incidents and behaviours and regularly review the results – and we pay particular attention to the Collisions per Million Kilometres (CMK) metric as a measurement of our performance in these areas. Each driver is also provided with a Wincanton Driver’s Handbook, which sets out specific safety initiatives around driving and handling, such as details about our EVADE vulnerable road user programme which provides important guidance on safeguarding pedestrians and cyclists.

For all employees, we provide an annual schedule of training on health and safety related topics. Managers also receive regular health, safety and environment training, while we implement initiatives through our Train-the-Trainer scheme to target key risk areas. During the year, we trained a total of 2,500 trainers. We also provide regular courses in risk assessment and accident investigation for first line managers.

Our W2 Labs programme continues to bring innovative technology to our health and safety environment from wearable technology to improve posture, use of robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to assist human performance, to using the latest telematics as a driver safety engagement tool.

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