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General merchandise

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Our services are easily scaled to meet the needs of some of the sector’s biggest and most successful retail players through to medium-sized enterprises and smaller niche companies alike. We help our customers to get the most across multiple channels, enabling us to share new and proven ways of working, developing innovative logistics solutions that ultimately means our customers are one step ahead.

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How can we help your business?

Seasonal peaks and constant demand fluctuations are a way of life for retailers and their suppliers. Our services and tailored, flexible solutions help you respond to the speed with which consumers adapt their spending habits based on seasonal or promotional factors, ensuring high levels of product availability and maximised sales opportunities.


Speed and flexibility

Seasonal peaks and constant changes in levels of demand are a way of life for retails in the retail sector.  The speed with which consumers respond to changing seasons, promotional activity or changes in the weather is constantly increasing.  Ensuring continued high levels of product availability requires a supply chain that has the flexibility to respond quickly and deliver great service despite demand fluctuations.


Diversity of products

Having a wide and varied product range is essential for the modern retail landscape, but each product brings with it its own individual requirement to get through the supply chain. For instance, fashion products demand that you have the capability to manage garments on hangers, whilst high value electrical goods may need specialist storage, handling or transport. This diversity of products, with various sizes, weights, values and handling requirements creates many challenges.


Parcel despatch and tracking

Controlling what happens in-store is one thing, but how can you ensure products bought online reach your customer in a timely fashion, and in a way that truly represents your brand values? With so many services on the market deciding which one to choose can be a minefield. Not only must you provide delivery options that meet consumers’ needs, appropriately prepare products for despatch and oversee parcel couriers, you must also ensure customers have the correct tracking information, all of which are now the norm.


Cost pressures

From the need to increase and drive efficiency, whilst simultaneously maintaining consistently high and flexible service levels, through to the requirement to maximise warehouse capacity and synergies across inbound and outbound transport – the cost pressures are unrelenting.   

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Our Solutions

Our scalable transport, eFulfilment solutions and innovative warehousing provides the flexibility required in the supply chain for a sector facing continuous innovation and shifts in buying behaviour.


Multichannel warehousing

Multichannel retailing requires multichannel warehousing. We operate space fully tailored to our customers’ requirements and which dovetail to their multichannel operating models. These can be scaled up or down according to demand (either seasonal or promotional) providing you with a high-quality solution agile enough to meet your customers’ requirements and maximise stock availability. Learn more



Convenience is all-important – the experience should make it easy to choose, easy to purchase, easy to open and, crucially, easy to return. We manage the returns process on your behalf, taking away all the pain associated with this to meet increasing expectations from your customers. Our service encompasses customer support, product receipt, grading, processing, re-stocking and refunds. Learn more


Dedicated transport

With around 3,600 vehicles on the road at any time we have the scale and infrastructure to provide cost efficient, flexible solutions combined with the customer-centric approach of a small business to support your operations. Through our experience, we know that every logistics solution is different. We work closely with customers to understand their needs so that we can tailor solutions that fit their specific requirements and suit their brand. Learn more


Home fulfilment

Our multi award-winning home fulfilment network includes impeccable customer service, warehousing and home delivery functions. Working with us gives you access to teams of experts who will manage your end to end customer order fulfilment with special emphasis on customer satisfaction and that all important final mile delivery. Not only will this service meet and exceed your customers’ expectations, but will act as ambassador for your brand, ensuring your hard-earned reputation either remains intact or is actually enhanced through positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals. Learn more


Urban delivery network

We consolidate deliveries into urban areas to meet the replenishment needs of your retail outlets whilst minimising disruption to operations and reducing pressure on site accesses.


Inbound container stock management

Leveraging our scale in container transport we provide solutions to manage inbound stock efficiency through use of off-quay storage, backhaul and cost-efficient scheduling. Learn more

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Why choose Wincanton?

Put simply, our ambition is to be recognised as the best in our chosen markets, with a reputation for delivering service excellence and value to our customers every day. Through our experience, we know that every logistics solution is different. We work closely with our customers to understand their markets so that we can tailor solutions that fit their specific requirements and suit their brand.

People transition

Wincanton has gained considerable expertise of transferring multiple sites across complex geographies and built excellent relationships with a number of trade unions. We use a tried and tested approach to TUPE, which ensures colleagues are transferred with respect and integrity, supported by an open communication process.

Health and safety

We help our people to support our customers by delivering the highest standards in safety. Our priority is to safeguard the well-being of our people, our customers and the wider public through ongoing health and safety education at every level of the business.

IT services

Wincanton has created an in-house IT team responsible for product and services deployment and technology management with well proven and established corporate governance processes.

Change management

Our transformation success is built on the tight integration between all of the teams involved in the change: change management, technology, operations, commercial and HR, allied to robust methodology.

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