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Construction Logistics

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When it comes to transport and distribution services to the UK construction sector there is no one larger or more capable of delivering than us. This scale has been achieved through consistently achieving measurable cost savings to our many construction customers, supported through our network of 45 depots across the country delivering over half a million loads to construction sites every single year.

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How can we help your business?

As recognised experts in the transportation of building materials for all types of construction projects we can provide solutions that deliver the flexibility and scalability required to react quickly to changes in customer demand.


Cost efficiencies

Regardless of changes in market demand there is always a need for cost efficiency to be a constant focus. In construction especially there is the danger of costs spiralling, making it imperative for you to have the correct resources and skills in place to maintain margins whilst meeting your customers’ expectations.


Reducing complexity

Pressure to deliver construction projects on time and to budget has never been higher – made all the more difficult by increasing complexity. Factors such as the introduction of modular construction, site access restrictions or the sheer number of disparate suppliers can hinder your progress and put you over budget. Managing all this complexity whilst retaining flexibility is the key to completing the project.



The construction service you provide is no longer measured purely on hitting your cost and delivery timeframes. Modern construction projects come under the auspices of a raft of regulatory demands, meaning you need the expertise that will help you meet a range of KPIs including health & safety, legislative compliance and environmental performance.


Experienced workforce

A construction site is no place for a novice, meaning you need specially-trained workers who not only understand the risks involved in delivering and unloading on-site, but who are also aware enough to spot potential hazards before an incident even happens. To achieve this, you will need robust safety guidelines in place, for the safety of anyone who comes into contact with your site.

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Our Solutions

From scalable transport solutions to innovative warehousing, we provide the flexibility required in the supply chain for a sector facing continuous innovation and shifts in buying behaviour.


Cement and heavy-side transportation

We provide primary and secondary distribution of cement and heavy-side materials for manufacturers and contractors. As with all the sectors in which we operate, our construction customers receive access to a range of flexible transportation options, including dedicated and collaborative fleets (essential if cost efficiency is a dominant factor) with full planning and execution capabilities tailored to each customer’s specific needs. Learn more



Our white-fleet ready-mix transportation solution enables our customers to enjoy a low-cost, flexible model with always excellent customer service.


Specialist workers

We promote and maintain the highest standards of safety and health for all employees and anyone who may be affected by our activities. Our robust health and safety management system is focused on employing a systematic 'best practice' approach to improvement and ensuring that safety is at the heart of our customers’ commercial success. Learn more

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Why choose Wincanton?

Put simply, our ambition is to be recognised as the best in our chosen markets, with a reputation for delivering service excellence and value to our customers every day. Through our experience, we know that every logistics solution is different. We work closely with our customers to understand their markets so that we can tailor solutions that fit their specific requirements and suit their brand.

Health and safety

We help our people to support our customers by delivering the highest standards in safety. Our priority is to safeguard the well-being of our people, our customers and the wider public through ongoing health and safety education at every level of the business.

People transition

Wincanton has gained considerable expertise of transferring multiple sites across complex geographies and built excellent relationships with a number of trade unions. We use a tried and tested approach to TUPE, which ensures colleagues are transferred with respect and integrity, supported by an open communication process.

How can we help?

Have a supply chain question, need some help, just want a chat? Contact Wincanton today.