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Water Logistics

Wincanton water tanker

From corner shops and supermarkets to schools, hospitals, industrial processing plants, and everything in between – all businesses depend on water to some degree, and we’re proud to supply it

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How can we help your business?

We all depend on water to some degree - if you need emergency water whenever the mains water supply is disrupted, or help keeping business up and running when business continuity is key, providing water solutions for events, festivals and concerts or ensuring athletes are hydrated, or just need safe and flexible bulk and portable water solutions, we can support them all.


Emergency water requirements

An unexpected water leak or burst main supply can be a huge inconvenience to your business. It affects not only the continuation of the operation, it can also be a risk to staff welfare and health and safety. We work in collaboration with water companies to ensure their customers are delivered with potable water – when required. As a means of meeting emergency aid, we support water companies help meet their Security and Emergency Measures Direction (SEMD) for small to large scale operations around the clock.  With a 24/7 manned response service team so you’ll always feel like you have someone to talk to and one who can provide you with service support – especially in an emergency.


Business continuity provision

Contingency planning for water is crucial. Having a plan in place will help manage this risk by ensuring the most optimum water solution is agreed upon. This may involve doing a risk assessment of your site, logistics involved and response time required. In addition having a 24/7 manned response service we can ensure you of a delivery every time.


Event water provision

The ability to offer bespoke water solutions for small scale local events or large scale festivals, water is a given. Most importantly, the supply and quality of water is an essential part of keeping consumers hydrated and in turn providing them a quality experience. 


Hygiene and compliance

Operating in an industry where health, safety and hygiene is paramount, having a health and safety team that are dedicated to providing assessments and training to ensure your water supply needs are taken care of is essential. Ensuring stringent internal audits are carried out ensure that standards meet / exceed the relevant industry legislation, such as BS8551:2015 concerning the cleanliness of our vehicles and with the handling of potable water.  

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Our Solutions

Our core product is the supply and delivery of tankered water, either as a routine activity or in the event of an emergency.


Water Tankers

We have access to a range of equipment to support the provision of alternative drinking water including static tanks with 1,000 to 28,000 litre capacity. With a history spanning 20 years, we have been providing water solutions across many business sectors. Our focus on water provision using tankers that have experience of running food grade products, allow us to give you a guarantee of delivering you potable water, in bulk. In particular, our water service supply tankers are able to transport UK wide. Learn more


Emergency Water

Whether you experience a failure in your mains supply of water, a burst pipe, leak or some unplanned maintenance, we can satisfy your need for water. We have access to the biggest UK wide fleet that can support the provision of alternative drinking water in 1,000 to 28,000 tankers. Operating a 24/7 manned response service team, so you’ll always feel like you have someone to talk to and one who can provide you with service support.


Business Continuity Provision

Wincanton supports commercial users of water such as hospitals and food manufacturers in the provision of main supply support during planned disruptions. If you have a planned disruption to your water supply, with over 20 years’ experience, we can help. We can work with you to either provide a full alternative supply or support existing mains supply. Our dedicated team and onsite water services can make sure the business continues without any hassle. Whether it’s providing small or large scale water deliveries, planned response management or delivery point assessments, our service delivers.


Potable Water Solutions

Our water services even extend to supporting sports events such as marathons, festivals and refilling swimming pools. We have the capability of deploying large static tanks to connect directly to the site plumbing system or fill on-site header or pillow tanks to maintain a continuous supply through a regular top up service. Also for small scale events we can provide innovative ‘bag in box’ 1,000 litre static tanks which are filled at specific agreed locations. A refill service is also available if required.


Bottled Water

If you have a need for a smaller scale water supply or a bulk delivery of a water tanker seems a bit daunting to satisfy your need for an alternative water supply, we can distribute fast and reliable bulk bottled water. Our formats range from 330ml up to 2 litres sizes. Most importantly we have the premise of delivering a bulk supply nationwide in some instances having a next day delivery.

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Why choose Wincanton?

Put simply, our ambition is to be recognised as the best in our chosen markets, with a reputation for delivering service excellence and value to our customers every day. Through our experience, we know that every logistics solution is different. We work closely with our customers to understand their markets so that we can tailor solutions that fit their specific requirements and suit their brand.

Health and safety

We help our people to support our customers by delivering the highest standards in safety. Our priority is to safeguard the well-being of our people, our customers and the wider public through ongoing health and safety education at every level of the business.

IT services

Wincanton has created an in-house IT team responsible for product and services deployment and technology management with well proven and established corporate governance processes.

Change management

Our transformation success is built on the tight integration between all of the teams involved in the change: change management, technology, operations, commercial and HR, allied to robust methodology.

How can we help?

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