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Our people

Creating a positive workplace

Wincanton colleague in warehouse packing box


Our teams play a significant but invisible role behind the scenes in the lives of people across the United Kingdom. Every day, they ensure that stores have their stock, that construction sites keep working and that the wheels of commerce keep turning. We deliver the milk and sugar for your coffee, the furniture for your home, the fuel for your car, and many more essential services too.

In short, our people are the unsung heroes who make many supply chains work smoothly, moving, storing and delivering goods as they travel from source to retailers, sites and homes across the United Kingdom. And in return we work hard to improve their lives.

We do everything we can to make sure our colleagues are safe at work and have the support they need to enjoy long and enjoyable careers, regardless of gender or background.

Developing our teams

Talent and management development is the key to our long-term future. We provide a range of established and new programmes which aim to help us to get the best out of our people and ensure that they enjoy full and rewarding careers with Wincanton.

Engaging with our teams

Before we communicate with our people, we listen to their ideas. By understanding what they’re looking for from an employer, we can make sure we’re in a much better position to deliver it.

We use a range of approaches to capture what our people think, including holding listening group meetings with all our major employee stakeholders at sites, warehouses and offices. Together, we work to develop and enhance new and existing programmes that will provide better customer service and buy in of our managers.

How can we help?

Have a supply chain question, need some help, just want a chat? Contact Wincanton today.