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Making a positive environmental impact.

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Environmental strategy

During 2015 / 16, the Group updated its environment strategy to identify an action plan designed to deliver the Group’s goal of “a safe and sustainable environment for all”. Execution of the action plan will continue to build our reputation for delivering environmentally sustainable logistics through a focus on operational excellence and innovative product leadership. For our customers we know that a well-managed supply chain plays a key role in mitigating their impact on the environment. The Group therefore has an important part to play in helping customers achieve their wider environmental goals. The Group supports customers by identifying efficiencies, promoting collaborative working and by offering significant expertise and experience in managing environmentally sustainable logistics.

Environmental principles

Wincanton uses its environmental principles to guide the Group in identifying and managing
the impact of its operations on the environment. These principles are set out below:

  1. Integrate; We will integrate environmental considerations into key business decisions.
  2. Develop; We will develop progressive products and services that help our customers improve their environmental performance.
  3. Management systems; We will ensure operational excellence and legal compliance through the operation of environmental management systems and the provision of training for employees.
  4. Measure; We will monitor, measure and continuously improve our environmental performance.
  5. Communicate; We will communicate our progress to our customers, employees and investors.
  6. Carbon emissions; We will minimise the consumption of fossil fuels and the associated emissions of carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gases.
  7. Resources; We will minimise our consumption of non-renewable and environmentally sensitive resources.
  8. Waste; We will minimise the amount of waste produced through prevention, reuse and recycling.
  9. Pollution; We will prevent ground and water pollution and minimise emissions of airborne pollutants.
  10. Communities; We will minimise the negative impact of our activities on local communities and engage positively with the communities in which we operate.

CDP disclosure score

The Group has been submitting fully collated data to the CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) since 2011. The CDP is the leading international index of climate change disclosure and carbon management maturity for companies and recognises companies raising their ambitions and taking meaningful steps to address climate change. Since 2011, our CDP disclosure score has risen from 56% to 95% and in 2018 we achieved “B” under the revised CDP scoring system.

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