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S2C and the new demands of retail

Industry views | 26 January 2018

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By Paul Durkin, Director of Home & DIY

The rules of retail are changing. Consumers want to choose from a wider range of products and delivery options without additional cost. Retailers want to respond to these changes by offering a wider product range without increasing their cost to serve. As the changes take hold, the old supply chain approach is rapidly becoming obsolete.

Retail in particular is a highly competitive environment where competition for every pound spent is fierce and the margin between success and failure is narrow. For retailers, this has a number of inherent problems, not least of which is the investment in stock and logistics infrastructure whilst maintaining a great end customer experience.

That’s why at Wincanton we have chosen to partner with Virtualstock, UK-based Software as a Service (Saas) provider. Virtualstock, a leader in its field, provides a range of digital services one of which is an easily-integrated platform for facilitating ‘supplier to consumer’ (S2C) fulfilment functionality.

Our S2C capability is an innovative answer to capitalise on this opportunity for retailers. We can manage the end-to-end customer order to enable delivery directly from the supplier to the customer. The product, although sold under the retailer’s brand, never once enters one of their warehouses. The retailer can extend their product ranges whilst being confident in their ability to satisfy their end customer.

By combining Wincanton’s wealth of experience and industry knowledge with Virtualstock’s industry-leading proprietary application, we are able to offer this easily-integrated S2C functionality so our customers can respond quickly and effectively to the specific needs of their markets. With the implementation of S2C, alongside our other recently announced enhanced services, Wincanton is now an end-to-end eFulfilment service provider.